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Choosing the best reclining sofa is challenging because the amount of reclining sofas that look good is huge and it is easy to get lost in such variety. Reclining sofa is an ode to comfort, so first and foremost I will look into the most comfortable, cloud-like sofas made for the ultimate relaxation. 


When picking the best reclining sofa, you need to identify the size that is suitable for you. There are amazing large models that can be placed in the corner, offering additional space to nap or watch TV with the whole family. It is a perfect option for big families that love to spend time together or for those who often host home parties and the guest room is not enough. 

If you don’t have much room to spare for a large reclining sofa, you can consider smaller models or the ones with sections that can be transformed into chairs. 

What is the best quality reclining sofa?

The quality of the reclining sofa mainly depends on the frame built and the durability of the upholstery fabric. Think on how often you are going to use the sofa. If you want the one to use and abuse, watch TV daily with pets, active kids, and occasional snacking, you should look into extremely wear-proof materials like PU leather, Ultrasuede, dense tweed, leather, or faux leather, as well as marine vinyl.

Also, pay attention to the double rub rate, the higher the number, the more durable the material will be. You can find out this information with the manufacturer of the reclining sofa that you want to buy. The best quality reclining sofa is the one that combines great upholstery for wear and tear, functional design, and sturdy frame. 

In case you are considering using your reclining sofa less often like on weekends, for a guest room, or for man cave, you can consider other types of material like canvas, jacquard, cotton, synthetic fabric, velvet, and linen. These materials tend to warp with heavy use, but they are more flexible in terms of decorative design, breathability, texture, and tactile pleasure.

What is the best reclining sofa to buy?

Here is the list of best 13 reclining sofas in 2021. 

It is made of a durable blend of polyester and polyurethane, yet it is soft and causes no issues with cleaning. It is a perfect sofa recliner for a family and kids. It has three seats, two seats have power adjusted headrest, lumbar support and extra long ottomans for your legs to relax. 

It is affordable, suitable for tall people and includes a USB port and cup holder. Bingo!

An extremely durable, large, and comfy 3 piece reclining sofa that is suitable for a spacious living room. It includes 4 independent manual recliners to ensure you are as comfortable as it is possible. It is made for heavy daily use being made of hardwood with a reinforced steel rail. The footrest pops up easily and the recliner pull latch is under the arm cushion. The design of the reclining sofa is traditional, directed mostly on comfort and 100% relaxation. 

Manual motion reclining sofa with a velvety feel and ergonomic design. This 3+2 seat set is extremely comfortable and has extra soft padding on the arms and backrest. It includes a reclining sofa and a reclining loveseat. One of the best casual options and a great bang for your buck.  

Since the sofa and loveseat are separate, you can put a loveseat in the area you didn’t know how to furnish. It will not look so bulky. It is also an amazing way to zone the space if you love to watch TV and someone else wants to read or hang out in the same room with you. You can adjust lighting and interior overall. 

It has reinforced steel frames and cleaning with a damp cloth once in a while will be enough for the reclining sofa to look fresh. 

Spacious reclining sofa with a large array of color choices. It is made of faux leather which is easy to keep clean. Perfect for households with pets, because the material is durable, as well as the construction. It is compact and will be suitable for small living rooms, RVs, and offices. 

My color choice here would be toffee since it fits most of the traditional living rooms and will suit rustic, farmhouse and boho designs as well. 

The reclining sofa has 3 seats that are all manually reclined. The couch is space-saving and can be installed 3″ from the wall. Due to its size, it won’t suit tall people. 

It is a velvet reclining couch with 2 sets, but it is really huge. This reclining sofa in addition to one or two simple chairs will make your living room ready to host a party. It comes already assembled, so you avoid assembly hassle. 

The modern design of the reclining sofa is luxurious and provides a soft and welcoming place to rest.  It is available in chocolate and charcoal. Both manual and power reclining options are available. 

I have found the best power reclining sofa. The design is unparalleled among his bulky counterparts. It is big, yet looks fresh, modern, has a sleek sofa design, and outstanding functionality. Gray upholstery finish is not too cold or too warm, and due to its neutrality, it will become a perfect option for any living room. It opens more opportunities for adding colorful furniture around since it doesn’t steal all the show from the living room. 

Two end seats are power reclined and the power recline mechanism on this sofa is one button touch away. 

The headrests have additional pillows, the seats were designed in a way that prevents sagging after wear and tear. 

It has a dark leather-inspired design, looks sleek and classy. It seems to be a perfect addition to a man cave, billiard room, living room, or office. 

This reclining sofa is made of high-quality leather, wood, and foam.  It includes one power seat and a power headrest. It is quite a compact one but will be a perfect way to relax at the end of the day, especially if paired with a massage chair. Due to its style, it will suit a traditional or dark minimalist living room. Pay attention to the quality of lining and construction of the sofa itself – it is stunning. It is packed with power reclining, USB port, cup holder, and adjustable armrests.

The sleek reclining sofa in black vegan leather with sharp style and strict appeal. It will be a perfect addition to the office or modern living room interior. It is sturdy, reinforced, and made from thick faux leather. Despite its strict design, it is comfortable and relaxing like a Slabway. Reclining footrests extend within a few seconds. Suitable for tall people. 

Loveseats – Small and Comfy Reclining Sofas

Perfect casual reclining sofa, with durable upholstery material, cup holders, and center storage. It is compact and includes floor protectors. The padding is extra soft, the couch provides proper lumbar support and helps let your hair down after a long day. It will be an amazing choice for houses and apartments with little space. 

The reclining loveseat features two recliners for extra comfort.

Nice compact traditional reclining loveseat with storage drawer, a drop-down table, cup-holder, and USB charging port. It is perfect for cuddles and having an ultimate relaxing experience. Will fit traditional living room design or can be used as a cinema seat for the home movie theater. 

It is made of faux leather and backed by a metal frame.

This reclining sofa is extremely comfortable with oversized padding for maximum coziness. It is an ultimate weapon against stress due to its two powered seats, ergonomic design, additional storage, cupholders, and pleasant upholstery.  The armrests are also equipped with cupholders with LED lighting. The upholstery material is natural linen of reinforced thread, which is quite easy to clean and friendly to our skin. 

The worst thing about this reclining sofa is falling asleep when watching movies, you just get too comfy.

One of the rare examples of a white color reclining sofa. It is hard to find a nice ivory leather power reclining loveseat. This one is just perfect for light-filled living rooms, both compact and spacious. It is well built and features an adjustable headrest and power reclining leg rest. This loveseat has a spring system that prevents sagging.  

Due to its size, it will fit into any tiny and beautiful apartment or RV. Lots of customization options are available: power or manual reclining, upholstery color, and material. However, it is soft, pleasant to rest in, and provides excellent relaxation. A classic loveseat like this will be appreciated by kids, adults, and pets. It includes cupholders and charging ports. You can also order a custom reclining sofa if you have found an amazing upholstery material to suit your interior. 

What do you think about this pick? Don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below!

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