7 Best Kerosene Heaters for Indoor Use in 2021: Powerful, Small, Portable

Kerosene heaters are a reliable, convenient, and well-known way to heat up the house even during the coldest periods or during a power outage. One of the best things about kerosene heaters is that it operates easily during really low temperatures and some of the heaters are multi-fueled and work on oil, gas or diesel fuels as well.

Kerosene heaters for indoor use is a perfect backup plan if you’d like to ensure warmth and safety if your household tends to power outages, storms, or other emergency situations. It is also widely used for works in a garage, construction sites, in a spacious home, or even in RVs.

Important: Use only 1K clear kerosene in order to avoid clogging and kerosene odor. Only good quality kerosene should be used to heat up spaces. It is more cost-effective to order it in bulk.

Take a look at the best kerosene heaters for indoor use:

Indoor Kerosene Heater

Indoor kerosene heaters should be compact, durable, reliable, provide little or no kerosene smell, and produce lots of heat. Let’s take a look at the best indoor kerosene heaters.

  • Powerful – (from 10,000BTU to 23,500 BTU).
  • Excellent heat output.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Good bang for your buck: 1.9 gallons of kerosene will hold for 12 hours.
  • EZ flame adjustment and automatic ignition.
  • Convection heating type.
  • You’ll need a supply of clear 1k kerosene and a few high-quality wicks because the initial one is of questionable quality. 

You can choose different heating capacity, based on the size of your space. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can see that the price difference is a few dollars but the heating capacity difference is really huge, but don’t get a false impression that more is better.

Pick the one that suits the size (sq. ft) of your room, apartment, or house that you’d like to heat. This model is great and f top-seller due to fast heat up, safety, multipurposeness, and sturdiness.

It works great if fueled by clear kerosene, however, you still need to change the wick that came with the kerosene heater. After you’ve finished the full tank of kerosene, you need to softly clean up the wick with a small brush. 

This heater is really powerful and produces a lot of heat, so you will probably have to take it from place to place for even heat distribution. It is perfect for regions with cold weather because kerosene is low-temperature resistant. 

  • Small and portable.
  • Made for indoor use. 10,000 BTU or 12 hours per gallon of kerosene.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Automatic ignition.
  • Batteries for electric ignition included.
  • All-metal construction.
  • Radiant heating type.
  • The original wick needs to be changed almost immediately.
  • Customers had troubles with matchless ignition.

This kerosene heater is made specifically for indoor use. It is small, portable, and compact. The manufacturer takes pride in the design of the kerosene heater, but I cannot say that the design is somehow unique or sleek. It produces heat enough to warm up a small house – 10,000 BTU.

Like in most kerosene heaters, you need to change the wick as soon as you’ve bought the heater itself because it serves not for a long time and most manufacturers tend to save cost on changeable parts. 

It is important to remember to clean the wick regularly, as often as possible, otherwise, the heater will be clogged up and you will feel the typical unpleasant kerosene smell. 

Heating a home with kerosene is really cost-effective, but you need to learn a little bit about how to use kerosene heaters, cleaning principles, and how to choose the best kerosene for heating. If you are well aware of it, dealing with this little kerosene heater will be a breeze for you.

The manufacturer indicates that 1 gallon of kerosene is enough for 12 hours of heating. However, it depends if you are running on the full volume flame or medium; in medium volume heating mode it might be enough for 16 hours. 

Small Kerosene Heater

The size of the kerosene heater is another great thing about it. Nowadays, they were modernized and are quite small and portable, yet producing a decent amount of heat. If you are interested in mini heaters, I wrote about them as well.

  • Best small kerosene heater.
  • Good bang for your buck. Extended operation time (1 gallon = 13 hours).
  • Cost-effective if you use 1K clear kerosene.
  • Safe with anti-knock-over function.
  • The wick here is decent and can be used.
  • Cool-top.
  • Brand-name.
  • Consumers reported troubles with electric ignition.
  • It is quite hot, so better avoid placing it on rugs

This small, portable kerosene heater is lightweight and produces a lot of heat (10,000 BTU) from 1 gallon that is enough for 13 hours of non-interrupted use. It has a siphon pump to ensure a safe kerosene supply into the heater’s tank as well as a cool-top, so it is safe to touch. 

It is a great portable kerosene heater for indoor use, garage, RVs, cabins, construction site, or basement. Dyna-Glo kerosene heater is a well-made option for the backup heating plan.

I see that lots of customers are using it in order to cut on the heating bills. They heat up their house with regular heating or furnace and then when the temperature is comfortable, they turn on the kerosene heater to support it, hence paying less for heating. 

It is easy to use and convenient due to automatic ignition. I love the fact that it is safe if it falls down or was knocked over – the heater will automatically turn off. 

I think it is a nice option to use it in the cabin or at places with a high level of moisture, for cases when your wood chips are too wet to instantly burn and produce heat. I would consider it as a gift for my father, who takes camping trips. 

  • Small.
  • Powerful.
  • 1.9 gallons is enough to heat up 800-1000 sq ft for at least 6 hours.
  • Great for large houses.
  • Safe. 
  • Better options available for the same price.
  • Wick must be changed almost immediately.

It is a nice small kerosene heater in case of a power outage due to a snowstorm. This backup heater will not take too much space in your garage and you won’t need electricity to light up this heater, which makes it an amazing alternate heating source.

You can only use the best kerosene to fuel it, otherwise, you will face the typical odor. 

This item is quiet. Some people argue that the price for kerosene is too much (it is up to $3 per gallon on average), but even if you use such a kerosene heater and spend on wicks and kerosene, your electric and/or heating bill will be lower for sure, depending on the size of your house.

The small kerosene heater provides 22,300 BTU per 1.9-gallon fuel tank which is suitable for 800-100 sq ft place. The ignition process is as simple as a push of the button. Shuts down if knocked over, however, it is better not to leave kids unattended with this heater to avoid accidental contact burns. 

It is an amazing, small, and portable option made for larger spaces and areas. If you have a smaller place, you might want to look at the item above. 

Best Portable Kerosene Heater

When it comes to portable kerosene heaters the item should be lightweight, sturdy, and safe, Take a look at the best portable kerosene heater. 

  • Lightweight (12 pounds!)
  • Portable and looks really small, but produces enough heat for space up to 450sq.ft.
  • Auto-shutoff function in case it is knocked over.
  • 12-14 hours of operation.
  • Price.
  • Convection heating type.
  • People had problems with wick: either too long or too short to adjust, so you might need to experiment to find the one that suits your needs. 

This extremely portable kerosene heater is durable, reliable, and cost-effective. It is a decent backup heater that requires no electricity and is quite cheap to maintain the optimal temperature at home because you will only need 1.1 gallons of kerosene to maintain comfortable temperature doe 12 hours.

The top panel here is heated, so be careful and do not touch it since it was made with camping or RV in mind, so that you can heat up your food on top of the heater.

It comes with a wick, which is nice and can be used, however, some customers claim that the wick is too long and it leads to a bigger flame and smell. So, if you face the same problem, you can just change the wick to a shorter one. 

This portable kerosene heater will serve you for years to come. Don’t be fooled by the kerosene space heater’s size, it provides enough heat to warm up to 450 sq. ft. If you are not burning it on maximum volume this kerosene heater will serve for 14 hours. 

To avoid kerosene or burning smell you need to ensure that you are using high-quality clear kerosene. If you’d like to heat not only the room you occupy but a few rooms around, then just make sure to open the doors to let the heat in.

To ensure wick longevity, clean it regularly with a soft brush after it has cooled down. If it gets bumped, it turns off automatically, which is great. 

  • Portable heater suitable for large spaces around 1000 sq ft, but will heat even larger spaces.
  • Powerful.
  • Easy to move if you need to change the room.
  • Works outdoors as well.
  • Bestseller. 
  • 9 hours runtime on maximum heat, more time of operation if lower. 
  • Auto-ignition mechanism causes troubles.
  • The anti-lift chamber turned out to be a bad improvement.

One of the most popular portable kerosene heaters out there. It is small, convenient, and powerful. It produces 23,800 BTUs of heat which is suitable for a 1000 sq ft house. It is portable, so you can move it to the room you currently occupy.

Be careful, since it produces a lot of heat, so if you have a rather smaller space, it is better to choose something less heavy-duty. Like most modern kerosene heaters, this one features automatic ignition. In this case, the no-lift heat chamber reduces the kerosene smell during the start of the machine. 

However, lots of people have found it impractical since the auto-ignition tends to light up the heater for too long and the house is fumy, or it is inconvenient to light up the heater yourself if the auto-ignition fails. Autoignition failure is the most common problem of the most modern kerosene heaters. 

Use only high-quality 1K clear kerosene and there will be no smell of the heater in your house. Overall, it is an amazing solution for the power outage in a spacious house to keep the whole family warm and cozy. The construction is durable and easy to put together. 

The heat comes even and gradually heats up the place. It is better to put it on the floor, tile or hardwood, but not on laminate or a vinyl one. It requires a little learning curve, but as soon as you lit it up for the first time the rest will be a breeze.

It is suitable for harsh winters and can be used in the home, garage, basement, and backyard if needed. The tank is 1.9 gallons and it works around 9 hours, heating up a large area at home.

Best Kerosene Heater for Indoor Use – OVERALL

Drumroll, please…

  • Sturdy, powerful, heats up fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic ignition.
  • Lots of heat, suitable for large areas and outdoor.
  • If you use 1-K kerosene there will be no odor and fume.
  • Perfect backup plan for a power outage. 
  • Clear kerosene price and place to store it.

I hope there is no wonder that the best kerosene heater for indoor use turned out to be from Dyna-Glo. It is a well-known heating systems brand.

This portable, yet effective indoor kerosene heater heats up to 1000 sq ft with 1.9 gallons per one fuel tank and lasts for 6-8 hours of intense heat depending on house size.

It is suitable for garage, basement, RVs, camping, and houses.

People use it as the only heating solution to cut on electricity or heating bills.

It is also sturdy and well-made. If you use clear, top-quality kerosene, you will not be exposed to fumes or typical odor. 

In order to get ready for an extended heating or electricity emergency, you might need a few spare wicks and at least 3 gallons per day. So you can stock up for a rainy day and be calm in such situations. 

It is one of the best indoor kerosene heaters on the market: it is silent and odorless after the start, portable, and quite powerful. You will see that there are decent heaters on this list that are less powerful but stay in the same price range. It has nice-to-have features like push-button ignition and shut down if knocked over. 

Is there any reliable way to get warm during power outage that you use? I’d like to hear from you.

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