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rug hunting


living room
I've got an itch to find a new, better rug. I'd love something with more of a low pile, larger and something with a little pattern maybe. I was going to go with Ikea's Stockholm rug, which I feel like everyone has, but I know why now, because rug shopping sucks and this is actually a really great option and a really great price. But, it is no where to be found, maybe a problem with production or something.
I thought I found a solution with the Souk rug and only hesitated for a few days and bam! it's on backorder now! Sheesh. I don't want to wait 1/4 of a year for this rug.
So, my hunt continues, my perpetual quest to discreetly cover the carpet I despise so much. Wish me luck.


  1. I think this other Stockholm would look nice at yours.
    Love your living room.
    Good luck searching.

  2. Good luck searching, finding a rug sometimes is hard, in my country it is very hard finding a rug that we can actually be happy about, last time we found one that we like in West Elm, I know you are going to find a great rug because you have a great eye for design, take care.

  3. Love the shelves!!! Where are they from??

  4. Mariela-thank you!

    Anonymous-the shelves are from Ikea, they also come in a larger size, the shelf brackets have more depth.

  5. i'm in the same boat and have contemplated both rugs you mentioned. i actually bought the Stockholm at one point and brought it home but realized the pattern made me dizzy. bummer. i just saw the souk @ my local west elm...but in a size WAY too large for my house. looks good. pile is still pretty high and semi-soft. my hunt continues as does yours....good luck!

  6. we got the beautiful sweater rug from west elm about a year ago. as beautiful as it is, it SHEDS 24/7. freaking drives me nuts. don't recommend.

  7. I'm with you! Rug shopping does suck. And I like a bit of colour while most rugs seem to be very neutral colour palettes. Good luck!

  8. I'm always on the endless search for rugs. I actually just got a really great 8x10 black and white striped one from FAB and it was a really great deal too;)

  9. Have you seen the black Olin rug from Crate & Barrel? I haven't seen it in person, but it's a great price.

  10. I hate shopping for rugs, it's impossible, especially if you want something big.
    The Ikea Stockholm rug is great, I saw it instore last weekend and I wish i'd brought it as now they only have 1 left and I'm pretty sure it'll sell before I go back.
    I think Ikea's discontinuing them now. I like the basnas rug at Ikea, it looks nice up close, I like wool.
    I have a problem with rugs because the door opens into the room so the rug has to be an exact size and I too want to cover most of a carpet which I hate.
    Good luck with your search.

  11. Hi! Have you ever heard of the company FLOR? Lots of options and best of all, they're custom so you can go as big or as small as you like/need.
    Also, I meant to ask this a long time ago, but what kind of car seat does Jeremiah have? You posted a photo once and I remember thinking how perfect it looked! I have a Britax and it is so big and cumbersome in my tiny little car.
    Thanks in advance. Oh, and I love your blog :)

  12. What a lovely set up!


  13. I'm also rug hunting. I feel like I've been rug hunting for months now. I find that has some great options and great prices....maybe too many options....

  14. Hi! Go take a look at Dwell Studio's rugs... They are very nice with pretty patterns
    I've just bought one on -who is delivering in Europe at a very correct price.

    Hope you'le find the perfect rug !


  15. I had the same issue. Really wanted the Stockholm rug before Christmas but it was sold out everywhere! I ended up getting the Dwell Studio Draper Stripe Ink rug and really love it! It looks like it's on backorder until April from DwellStudio now, but maybe they have it elsewhere? Or that Crate and Barrel striped rug looks like a cheaper priced alternative that may be nice.

  16. Love your home decor!

  17. Nice living room! Also love it with the current carpet. But black and white pattern will look even better for sure. Have a good weekend! (the poster is on its way)

  18. Love love love your floating cabinet/credenza. Where is that piece from?

    1. From Ikea, I believe the name is Aspvik.


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