Farmhouse Rugs Guide: Best for Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

I’ve got an itch to find a new, better rug. I’d love something with more of a low pile, larger and something with a little pattern maybe. I was looking into farmhouse style rugs, distressed, vintage, and rustic rugs. I was going to go with Ikea’s Stockholm rug, which I feel like everyone has, but I know why now because rug shopping sucks and this is actually a really great option and a really great price. But, it is nowhere to be found, maybe a problem with production or something.

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Farmhouse Area Rugs

I thought I found a solution with the Souk rug and only hesitated for a few days and bam! It’s on backorder now! Sheesh. I don’t want to wait 1/4 of a year for this rug.  I found a cheaper alternative to Souk in a beautiful marsala hue, which I actually like more for its warm appeal and it catches the eye. 

Let’s take a closer look at farmhouse rugs. I feel that there is a revival of this style due to its rustic roots and our desire to return to safety, to a place where everything is calm, homely and serene. I think that farmhouse carpets are cool to add coziness to most interiors. I see that farmhouse style indoor benches have the same appeal. This kind of rugs is also extremely popular due to Scandinavian design influence.

What kind of rugs is best for farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style rugs are of a subdued color palette. Usually, they have a vintage or distressed feel or look. Some of the farmhouse rugs can truly be vintage, it will only add zest to your interior. However, if you are only looking into adding a bit of farmhouse aesthetics, the new distressed farmhouse rugs are widely available. 

Modern farmhouse area rugs are often of the neutral shade of beige, blue, ivory, red, or emerald. It is suitable to add chic to the living room. Rustic style kitchen will be complemented perfectly by a farmhouse runner rug. I have written a new article to offer more kitchen design and organization ideas within different styles.

How to choose a farmhouse rug?

If you are looking to style your home in farmhouse style, then you need to figure out if you want a natural wool rug, or synthetic thread is fine with you. Mainly, it will define your budget on a farmhouse style rug. After that think if you already have a colorful wall, accent curtains or attention grabbing furniture. 

Farmhouse area rugs will define the whole horizontal space in the room, so it should not conflict with other items in your interior. That’s why keep in mind the color palette you’d want to go with. If you have a rather light and subtle design, you can pick an emerald or red farmhouse rug. In case you are looking to balance the color of your room, look into ivory, greyish or beige farmhouse rugs. 

Farmhouse style kitchen rugs

Your chic kitchen can be complemented by a farmhouse runner rug. Keep in mind the material of the rug, it should be washable and not to shed, since it is not desirable in the kitchen. 

Farmhouse kitchen rugs should be less intricate if you have active kitchen decor, but it can become a suitable solution to add color pop, accent or detail that adds coziness to an interior. If you have green, grey, wood or ivory kitchen cabinets, pay attention to red or dusty mustard farmhouse kitchen rugs. 

However, my hunt continues, my perpetual quest to discreetly cover the carpet I despise so much. Wish me luck.

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