Kitchen Decor: What to Put on the Counter

I’ve always thought that my favorite kitchen decor is no decor at all. Clean countertop with most of the things hidden in cabinets or drawers. My kitchen doesn’t even have cabinet knobs. Though my tastes and preferences evolved over time and I’m way more flexible on what can be on a countertop, I realized that the best way to neatly decorate a kitchen is with appliances and regular items that we actually use. 

Gray Kitchen Decor

Sleek and even spaces look amazing and timeless that’s why it is better to add decorative elements that you can adjust to your needs, mood and period in life. 


Kitchen Counter Decor

It is better to make sure that your kitchen has enough lighting. Wall sconces in addition to pendants in the dining area is an optimal choice. You can add extra light near the counter area, if you cook to ensure visibility and comfort. 

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I love to decorate with vases, if I don’t have any flowers, I put a few vases side by side, so they look like a composition.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Pay attention to your shelving, you can see that often the space of the wall is used for open shelves, and you can use this space to showcase your favorite herbs and spices in beautiful jars or containers, put a pot of flowers there or simply store your dinnerware.

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Kitchen Cabinet Decor

Kitchen utensils made of wood or beautifully crafted from metal can become nice accents. You can match the color and material of utensils with cabinet knobs or drawers. Wooden kitchen utensils are timeless and tasteful, especially if they have some fun or quirky shape. It adds a natural and rustic feel to the kitchen interior. 


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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Kitchen chairs and stools can be slightly different in style from your interior, but the color scheme will make it look interesting overall. Mixing textures within one color scheme gives integrity to your design.

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Minimalist Kitchen Decor

Cutting boards look massive in the kitchen’s interior. You can find just the right shape, color and texture of the cutting board for your kitchen to make it look like a part of the counter decoration. When kitchen appliances are visible in the kitchen interior, it provides a warm and cozy feeling of being at home. The same applies for flowers and fruits, it adds natural color, vividness and places color accents.

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Traditional Kitchen Decor

Pay attention to the way you locate your electronics. It is better if you have the chance to place it into cabinets or put it separately, so the space doesn’t feel crowded. 

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Kitchen Utensils Decor

Jars, canisters and containers can be of the same style, but of different sizes. One of the easiest ways to change the kitchen decor is to purchase a new set of jars and put them in a visible place. It looks especially cool on the open shelves or on the tray.

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