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Most Frequently Asked, "Where is Your Sofa From?"


If you follow me in Instagram then you've seen this sofa in our home already. It's the Solae chaise from Article, and we've been enjoying it the last couple of months. In case you have not heard of Article, they are an online store that produces modern furniture with the goal of changing the way people shop for furniture. One of the things I like about Article is how simple their site is and how easy they make it to find what you're looking for. And if you're apprehensive about making a big purchase without trying it out in person, they have a 30 day money back guarantee that offers some peace of mind about the decision making process.

This sofa is one of the most asked about pieces in our home and I often get several DM's every time I post a new photo asking, you know, what do I REALLY think of it? I love these one on one conversations because they feel more personal and you can talk more openly about your opinions but even in that personal space of a DM on Insta I always have great things to say about this sofa!
I understand how personal choosing a sofa is, just like so many things we fill our lives with, this comes down to personal preferences. Some like it hot some like it cold, right?

For me personally there were a few key criteria that needed to be met by a new sofa and here are a few:

no loose cushions-our other sofa previously in this spot has a lot of loose cushions and while I like the look of the pillows, reality is both kids toss them onto the ground or accidentally knock them off on a daily basis and I was spending a lot of time picking them back up, which I grew tired of quickly

a pale, light color-this did not necessarily have to be white but the area of our living room directly under the windows casts a lot of shadows so a lighter colored sofa has always looked a little better in this spot, something learned by trial and error

modern shape-I'm not one typically drawn to traditional or classic pieces so I knew I wanted something minimal and modern, this style his nice thick blocky pieces and hidden legs, two features I was attracted to immediately

unusual seating-while the sofa looks like one piece it's actually two, a chaise and an armless seat together make a complete sofa because the Solae is designed as a modular series

These were the main features I was looking for and Solae just ticked all the boxes for me! The cover cannot be removed for washing and since tow children and a cat who loves perching near the windows to watch the neighbors walk their dogs, I used a couple layers of a fabric protectant like Scotchgard as extra insurance. Additionally I really like the modular feature of the Solae, which not only gives you color and textile options but countless ways to customize this to suite your space or to update over time by adding more pieces to make it larger or to create a different shape entirely.

One of the most frequent questions I get in my DM's about the Solae is about the comfort of the sofa and for me, I find it very comfortable. The deep seats eliminate the need for an ottoman or footstool but you don't necessarily feel the need to totally recline either. The wide armrest is another comfortable feature and with the addition of a throw cushion and blanket, it's also a cozy place to curl up. One of the kids will often sit here with me to read a book or watch a movie and there is plenty of room for two or three people to spread out.

*this sofa was gifted to me by Article, all words and reviews are however my own (happy sofa owner here!)

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet


When looking for a kitchen faucet, what are the primary features you need to consider? Can you choose a faucet finish that is as unique as the rest of your kitchen design? We have a lot of options today but that may only make the task to selecting one ideal faucet more daunting or more exciting. I order to make the best choice for you and your kitchen space, here is a quick guide to some features to consider during your search for the perfect kitchen spout.

image from Obumex 


Today's hardware options stretch far beyond just stainless steel and many are not much more costly. Faucets are not easy to find in matte black finishes as well as chrome, brass and copper. Choosing a colored finish can define the look of your kitchen and coordinate or contrast other kitchen finishes as a way to blend in or add extra visual interest. Make sure you do a bit of research about some of the different finishes as certain materials may develop a patina over time which may or may not suite your tastes. In addition you want to look for quality materials and read customer reviews from those who have used similar faucets over a period of months to give a more comprehensive review. And if you do find yourself in need of repair, you can search for your local Tampa faucet repair service to resolve the problem.

Integrated spray

Many older faucets have a main faucet and a spray nozzle separate but now it is common to find faucets with a pull down spray option built into one main spout. If this is a feature you use often or have always wanted, selecting a faucet with the spray integrated keeps the hardware around your sink more streamlined and practical.

image from Reform CPH

Arc and Size

The shape of a kitchen faucet is more than an aesthetic punctuation, high arc or low arc faucets allow for more or less depth between the sink base and the water source. If you have a very deep sink, it might not be necessary to choose a high arcing faucet however if your sink is more shallow, it may be most advantageous to find a high arc option that allows you to easily wash dishes or fill large pots of water.

image by Project S in Belgium by Pieter Vanrenterghem

Wall or counter mount

Most faucet are installed on top of or behind the sink and atop the counter however if you your sink meets a wall, you might connsider mounting your faucet horizontally in the wall instead. This of course saves a bit of space but also requires that you select a faucet and any other necessary levers, designed for this sort of install. In addition to allowing more counter space, wall mounted faucets are also a way to give your kitchen a more unique and unusual detail.

image from Danielle Siggerud 


In many homes the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Among kitchen tools and features the sink sits atop the list of most used objects. Finding a well made and functional faucet is an essential but it can do more than just release water on command, many faucets also have built in filters to eliminate the need for an exterior filter. This is of course a great way to save on space and eliminate the need to a pitcher filter.

*This post contains a sponsored link


Lotta Agaton for Marbadol


Swedish stylist extraordinaire Lotta Agaton has styled this kitchen for Marbadol and there's so much to love about this tone on tone look. With the use of pale wooden chopping boards (these are by Hampson Woods found at Artilleriet), sand colored pottery with dried grass, stainless steel hardware which coordinates with the tap and warm beiges from fresh bread to create a more lived in styling.

Scroll to the bottom for how to create a similar look!

While I enjoy spaces like this with low contrast and plenty of negative space I'm curious, what are your thoughts?

Photography by Pia Ulin.

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Choosing the Perfect Living Room Rug with Wovenly


Several years ago when I had moved into my first house, it has beige walls, honey colored cabinets, Tuscan style tiled EVERYWHERE and cheap, tan carpeting from wall to wall. At the time I was just elated about having my own place, even though I was renting, it was a place to try to make my own. It didn't take long to realize how none of these contractor choices represented my style in the slightest.
From there I had to use an ample amount of creativity to layer my own style over many of the other colors and materials that I could not change. Among some of the furniture, window coverings and art I added to change the look, it was large rugs in colors and patterns I liked that made the biggest impact. Even now, years later, I still know the power a beautiful rug can have to add style and a feeling of comfort to a space. In the beginning it was to cover unsightly flooring and now it is more about feel and aesthetic. Whatever purpose you have to finding the perfect rug, I've partnered with Wovenly to share a few tips to help you decide on the best option.

pictured above is Bale / Camus

This is a crucial place to start for any home project however our styles evolve over time so if you're not quite sure which direction you're going or you want to choose a rug you will keep in your home for a very long time, go for a neutral, something in a natural fabric. One of my longest lasting rugs was made of a natural jute blend. It was durable, retained it's look over a long period of use and was relatively easy to clean. There is a little shedding in the beginning, as with other fibers like wool, but that doesn't last long.

pictured above is Spry / Reese

Choosing pattern and material is obviously paramount but I see some people selecting rugs that are too big or too small for their space. If you are downsizing your home and have a large rug you want to continue using, be sure to put it in your largest living area and not necessarily in the same location as your previous home.
If you are selecting a rug for your living room, selecting a size that part of the sofa and chairs can all by anchored on. Buying a rug that is only a little bigger than your coffee table will leave you feeling like your other furniture if just floating individually.

pictured above is Gala / Banks

Color & Pattern
This comes down to personal preference but do keep in mind the rest of the room's colors, patterns and textures before choosing a rug. If you have a collection of furniture in very neutral colors and walls in a pale tone along with solid color flooring, perhaps a light wood, then you can afford a rug with a lot of pattern or color. Remember that the rug will not exist on it's own, considering how it will relate with he rest of the space is a major consideration before selecting a rug. Alternatively if your furniture and accessories already bring a lot of color and interest into your space, choosing a toned down rug in a solid color might be the best route. If you're afraid that a solid colored rug might be a yawn, keep in mind that texture is another very important element to consider and a thick textured rug can add so much excitement visually and to the touch.

There are as many different rug materials as they are upholstery options, shades of paint colors and personality types. For some, it might be of premium importance to choose a rug that is soft enough to lay on. Perhaps you have a small child who is crawling and you want something that will not be coarse for them. Or maybe you're a dog owner and want something that can be durable enough and easy enough to clean for them. Ultimately however you use your living room will play a role in the type of material you should look for in a rug.

*first and last images from Vincent Van Duysen 

**this post is sponsored by Wovenly, all words are however my own 


Color Combination to Consider: Black, Grey and Green


An editorial for Rum Hemma styled by Linnéa Salmén provides fresh interior color inspiration with a pale olive green table provides a contrast to the scene of black, grey and chalk white.

What are your thoughts on this combination?


Old Meets New in This French Chateau Style Kitchen in Gothenburg


Another great kitchen from Nordiska Kök and one of their latest projects is a setting of old and new with a fusion of modern and French chateau styles for a historical building in Gothenburg, Sweden. Bottom in-frame cabinets are made of stained oak while the mottled grey countertops are made from locally sourced Kinnekulle limestone. The upper cabinets are bespoke with open asymmetric shelving and cabinets in alternating square and rectangular shapes.

Styled by Sundling/Kickén and Photography by Osman Tahir


8 Essentials for Your Work Space


Around this time of year my desk, and maybe yours too, desperately needs a refresh. Papers and booklets that have gathered over the winter months, long neglected items without a home and a dust bunny or two have taken up residence on my desk top by now. Now it the perfect time to strip off that desk, give it a good wiping down and rethink the items that you put back. For myself I use this time to give my work space a new look and get rid of those items I don't use often enough to keep here.

I've gathered a essential few working space items that every desk needs. Depending on the way you use your work top you may need a more more of less but some of the basics include good lighting, like this NJP wall mounted task lamp that allow you to pivot lighting where it's most needed. A memo board or pinboard like this one from Ferm Living which keeps track of small notes or images for inspiration. For all the loose papers you are sure to encounter and then have to organize, a wooden letter tray keeps everything neatly nearby. I also think Calendars for 2019 are an essential desk item for tracking important upcoming dates and deadlines. I often use a separate calendar for myself and another for the family to sort out personal and family activities. A handsome looking stapler is practical but also nice enough to keep out and not stored away in a drawer. These ITO Bindery notepads have a very minimal design but with so many uses and they come in three different sizes. Lastly, a desk chair is another essential for the workspace and if you feel comfortable with something that is not swivel based over very cushioned, this cane version below is an attractive option.

*this post contains affiliate links of which I make a small commission, all words are however my own

Before and After in my Son's Room with Minted Wall Murals


In partnership with Minted, I'm sharing a 'before & after', or more accurately a 'after & before' of my son's room using Minted's Wall Murals.
His room wasn't quite this barren (scroll to the very bottom), he did have a grey duvet on his bed as well but the wall in this corner was void of any sort of pattern or print.

I chose this Slow Fade from Minted's collection for his room as a way to add a subtle graphic quality that still allowed me to add a playful framed print and bedding in a rust hue. On the other walls he has a lot of books, shelves for displaying his Lego creations and board games so altogether I didn't want to add too much color that might make this look too busy.

In case you're wondering about install, this was about 3 1/2 panels and they're basically giant peel and stick panels. Our walls have a decent amount of texture so I had to make sure to spray the walls pretty generously with water before each piece. Once the first panels is in place (I had to peel, move and restock a couple of times) the subsequent pieces fit together easily.

We both really enjoy the new look with the added Wall Mural and the way it has pulled together his whole room. This was such a simple yet impactful way of giving his space a whole new feel and ultimately a simpler and less messy alternative to new paint!

*This is a sponsored post by Minted however all images, words and views are my own.

Golden Melon Glow With IKEA'S New Marble Lighting


The colors in this styling for IKEA's Evedal lamp are giving me that warm glow that I needed right now. After a week of no sunshine these hues feel fresh and nourishing and somehow so complementary to the lamp with is black marble topped with a grey, smoky glass shade.

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LED Mirrors for the Bathroom


Whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing home or just looking for a bathroom update, you've no doubt shopped for mirrors at some point in your journey. The mirror is a pretty central component of any bathroom, but it can be more than just a place for reflection.
If you're the kind of person who loves cutting edge technology and clever uses for it at home, you also might prefer an LED mirror to a standard one. Even if you're not the type who prides themselves in finding modern tech for your home, you would still enjoy some of the convenient features LED mirrors can now offer.

Beyond having the choice of size and shape for your mirror, current technology allows for mirrors with integrated lighting, which can create a seamless look that combines the two in one. Maybe you haven't found the perfect vanity lighting or want to go for an ultra minimal look, integrated lighting can be the way to go. Some offer dimmable options controlled wireless through an app in your phone, others have additional features like bluetooth so you can also listen to your favorite music while you wash your face, brush your teeth and put on make up, if you're into make, up that is.

Decoraport has been distributing LED mirrors since 2014 with all the modern features options like touch control, infrared control, bluetooth and even anti fog applications. Imagine taking a steamy bath or shower while enjoying music from your bathroom vanity mirror which is, all the while, not building up fog from condensation. Anti fog applications allows you full use of your vanity mirror without the wait because as we all know, the bathroom can be accumulate extra moisture very quickly and by warming up the surface of the mirror, you don't have to wait for your mirror to clear. Dimming is yet another feature you can have built into your mirror and control from your phone for whatever lighting you prefer at the time.

Images via Pinterest.

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November Wishlist



That Christmas Mood


I'm really embracing this dark wintery mood as the short days make it inevitable that we spend more time without sunlight. Rather than fight it, as is always my first inclination, I'm welcoming the dark corners and candlelit evenings. With Christmas coming up in just over a month, these images from Swedish home store Artilleriet are especially appealing.


Aura is Norway's National Museum winner in new chair competition


“Aura is a beautiful chair that adds a seductive softness and elegance to the room where it will be used. In its design the chair has contours that point both back and forwards in time," say Jasper Morrison who judged the competition of 10 Norwegian designers who were tasked with creating a chair that would be used in the National Museum in Oslo which opens in 2020.

Andreas Engesvik is the winning designer and creator behind Aura, a leather and steel seat. Other designers who competed include Anderssen & Voll, Atle Tveit Design, Linda Evensen Design, Hallgeir Homstvedt Design, Stine Aas Design, Morten & Jonas, Torstein Design AS, Vera & Kyte, and Johan Verde Industridesign. All presented designs will be on display at Mellomstasjonen.


How to stage your home to sell


*This post is sponsored by Travelers Insurance. All opinions are my own.

Even if you're not a pro at interior styling and design, if you're about to sell your home it helps to learn a few tips about how to effectively "stage" your space in order to make it appealing to potential buyers. By doing this you're giving viewers a chance to see the maximum potential of your home and see the place in its most flattering state. Think of what you'd want to see if you were touring a home. While it can be difficult for us to see our own spaces from a new perspective, try to keep in mind what others see when they walk through the front door. To assist in this process I've gathered the most essential steps to styling your home so that it's "staged" to sell. You can refer to their home central resource here for more useful tips on how to stage your home for sale!

less is more:

You've heard me talk about minimalism and using less when it comes to interiors many, many times on the blog. When you're staging your home to sell, this cannot be underestimated! One of the worst things you can do is have too much stuff, especially very personal things in your space so that it makes seeing the structure of the home difficult. Too much of your own items in the house at the time of viewing also inhibits visitors from being able to imagine themselves living in the space. By removing all the extras you create a neutral zone that can suit many different buyers.
Some key items to remove would include any broken or dirty objects, furniture or rugs. Also family photos or kids artwork-remember this is only temporary. Any items with sentimental value that aren't attractive and functional should be taken out of the space when staging.

cover your basics:

While it is key to remove any clutter and excessive amounts of items in the home, don't go completely bare! Staged homes, on average, sell faster and when done effectively, allow buyers to visualize themselves living in the structure. Make sure you have a complete set of dining chairs, window coverings, sufficient rugs, seating in the living rooms, bedding and lighting. It might be alright with you to have mismatched pillows but when touring your house, make sure all the essentials are there and in good condition!

keep it clean:

It should go without saying but having a clean, staged home is also vital. Take a closer look at spaces you might have grown accustomed to overlooking. When a person enters your space for the first time, you want them to notice the positive features your home has to offer, not dusty baseboards and smudged refrigerators. Give any window coverings a wash or dusting and make sure textiles on the bed are clean and ironed, when applicable. Smell is also very important when you first experience a place, don't go overboard but do take care to notice what people might smell. It should be a fresh, clean and neutral scent. Again, nothing too personal and scent like perfumes and candles can evoke strong positive or negative emotion in people.

lots of light:

Now is the time to let in as much natural light as possible. Even if you have curtains or shades, make sure everything is drawn back and not interfering with letting in plenty of light from outside. Obviously this lets people see the space accurately, but it also makes a space feel larger, cleaner and happier. If you have a room with no windows, like a basement for example, buy LED lightbulbs with a cooler lighting that feels more like daytime. While you're at it, make sure any light fixtures have working bulbs as well, many people will automatically flip light switches when scoping out a home.

check the outside:

If you have a yard, don't fret over all new landscaping, just make sure the outside looks as tidy as possible. Rake leaves, trim the grass, make sure to remove any dead plants and make sure you have at least one nice looking potted plant. Set out a nice mat in front of the door and use outdoor furniture if you have any.


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