Farmhouse Christmas Decor: Must-Haves for Festive Atmosphere

Christmas atmosphere is often more pleasant than the holiday itself.

The magic of anticipation makes Christmas so special and so loved by kids and adults. Christmas atmosphere is something abstract, untouchable, vague and yet everyone has experienced it. Farmhouse Christmas decor should be filled with warmth and coziness we all miss nowadays.


Since I am a firm believer that the interior of our house influences the way we feel and our inner world in general, I want to dig into the concepts of Christmas atmosphere and farmhouse Christmas decor deeper.

What exactly can we do to our home to feel this glowing, warming vibe of upcoming Christmas? 

Christmas tree decoration is a separate, very important process that adds more than half of all the points to the atmosphere. You can look up some ideas here. 

I want to concentrate on other ways of decoration for the farmhouse style that add some festive mood. Personally, the first one for me is stockings. 

Christmas Stockings

It is a traditional Christmas attribute and I cannot imagine any Christmas that I wouldn’t check it for nice surprises. I love unique items, so I picked some handmade stockings of cute and warm design. You can stuff it with some small gifts there (makeup, earbuds, highlighters), sweets, cards or hints to the Christmas treasure quiz.


Candles have long ceased to be just a whim – they fill the house with scents that have the right effect on the body: relax, cheer up, and relieve stress. So the abundance of candles is an amazing addition to any festive interior. I often make a combination of different size candles as a centerpiece for the dinner table. In the past families gathered at the dining table lit with candle lights only, so up till nowadays, it creates a warm atmosphere that brings connection to the family. 

You can decorate with aroma candles as well, decorating fireplace (inside and over the top), your desk, dining table and other spacious surfaces. The scent of the candle instantly fills the whole room and stays in the air for a long time.


Choose the fragrances that make you feel cozy and comfortable. They should reflect the taste of the owners of the house and their lifestyle. If you have a spacious apartment or house, you might need two diffusers per room for saturated smell. These diffuser blends are specifically made for Christmas, and they smell deliciously, without chemical or artificial notes. I love Christmas fragrances, because it quickly transfers me to the happiest moments of my life. 

Felt Ornaments

It is all about that texture. Felt is cozy, furry, and extremely cute. Felt ornaments are safe for kids and long-lasting if you don’t wash them. Most of the felt ornaments are unique because they are handmade. With felt garland, it is easy to get to that festive mood rocket fast!

Christmas Ornaments

Use Christmas ornaments and toys not only on the tree but all over the house as well. I put ornaments on the window, stairs, lamps or create compositions on the tray at the entrance. Small decor details invest a lot into the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Wreath

Put a wreath on every door possible, over the fireplace, on the dinner table. You can use it as a unifying element for different areas at home if you have a studio or loft apartment. Otherwise, you can buy several wreathes to fit the design of every room. Decorate the wreath with candles, ribbon, pine cones, ornaments, string lights, metallic spray, winter greenery or bells. You can also search for an alternative or minimalist Christmas wreath, if you want something less extra.

P.S. An amazing and timely gift idea.

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