DIY Copper Candlestick 2021

I don’t do very many DIY’s since it can be time consuming to source ideas, buy materials and assemble, so this is perfect for me and hopefully for you as well!

DIY Copper Candlestick Holder

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Earlier I saw a collection featuring a copper candlestick holder that I later found at the Finnish Design Shop. I love it so much but it is no longer available, so I thought I’d find a way to make my own version since Christmas is coming.

You just need to buy some thin copper coil, found at the hardware store in the copper pipe section (or online by the links below), and bend it around something circular for the base, in my case I used a big roll of tape.

You are going to need:

Keep bending until you make a little perch on top for the candle stick to fit on.

I pinched the pipe closed with a pair of pliers to make a sharper edge & then cut a matching slit in the bottom of the candle using dull scissor tips.

Carefully wedge the candle over the sharp edge, maybe even warming the wax a bit to make it malleable and that’s it!

Of course you can play around with shapes and sizes, the coil comes in different lengths as well.

The copper is soft enough to make large shapes with but not soft enough to make small loops, I tried with another piece and failed miserably.

 I’d recommend buying a couple pieces to experiment with before making your final candle holder!

A simple, minimalist candle holder for about $5 and you can make plenty of them with materials and it can be an amazing and tasteful gift!

Copper Candlestick Types

If you are one of those people who love the aesthetics of handmade copper candlestick, but you are not so much into the DIY culture for any reason, you can actually buy a candle holder of a similar design. It is a perfect gift for a copper wedding anniversary (7 years married) or a nice design detail for a copper-themed wedding or for modern home decor. Also, I use this candlestick to set the mood for meditation and mantras in my interior.

Take a look at different designs, if you don’t feel like handcrafting anything today, one of these options might do for you.

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