Mantras and Affirmations to Use in the Interior Design to Grow Spiritually

Meditation is a practice that puts our thoughts in order. With its help, you can clear your mind from unnecessary worries and adjust the emotional balance of the body.

Meditation helps me to cope with anxiety and everyday stress. A few minutes alone with myself – and I get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

I use different mantras to alter my consciousness and increase the effect of meditation.

Previously, I only uttered  mantras in repetition for 30 minutes a day, like an exercise. 

Now I hang them up as pictures in frames and put them everywhere. This proved to be much more effective. So during the day, I notice these small but important words, sounds and images that bring me closer to my dream.

 The meaning of the mantra is simple: when you concentrate on it, there are no unnecessary thoughts in your head. 

With the help of mantras, you can let your hair down, improve your health, achieve goals and come closer to fulfilling your desires. 

If you want to intensify the mantra, you can have it in an aesthetically pleasing form to promote better visualization.

For example, the mantra on the picture can be put at the entrance. This way the powerful energy of the mantra will be emphasized by the place of power, which is the door. 

 The mantras may be placed anywhere:all over the house, apartment, or at work. If you hang them above the doorway, they will favor everyone, who enters the house. 

By picking the right mantras that are always in sight, you will get help in fulfilling desires and achieving goals more quickly.

What is a mantra?

Mantra can free the mind from the burden of unnecessary thoughts. Mantras consist of words or phrases that must be repeated frequently. Such self-affirming statements have psychological and spiritual power with an impressive oscillating resonance.

When we start thinking in one direction all the time, our life is capable of adjusting to our thoughts. 

Mantras are used to enter a special state, which helps to get rid of thoughts and critical reasoning that harms our inner selves.

Each mantra aims to attract something good to your life. When you concentrate regularly on it, its spiritual power is uncovered and life changes for the better. When a mantra is uttered, it creates a vibration from within that affects the physical state.

Mantra stimulates energy output, relieving the tension. 

Mainly, mantras have soothing and calming power. As a result, we get spiritual growth and purification. Combining those two effects, mantras quickly bring us forward to the goals and realization of our wishes.

Variety of Mantras: How to Choose

Before introducing mantras to my interior, I learned those that help to achieve goals: Gayatri mantra, the Buddhist mantra, transcendental meditation mantras, and self-affirmations.

 I realized how much work it takes to choose a working mantra. 

You need to choose the right inscription, shape of the object, its color, size, design and more. 

So, you can look up the things I bought to maintain my spiritual health. 

Some items on my list are mantras and things for spiritual development, some are things I bought to support the atmosphere and set the mood. 

Gayatri mantras

Flags with the image of the goddess Gayatri and her mantra in Sanskrit language. 

They are painted in 5 different colors that symbolize fire, water, air, earth and ether. 

The symbol, located in the corners of the Gayatri mantra prayer flag, also makes sense –  it is the mantra of Om.

Originally, the flags were placed only in sacred places. We can hang them in the patio or on the backyard. With each breeze of wind the mantra spirit is released and it helps to fulfill dreams and achieve goals.

I found a very beautiful minimalistic wall art with mantra ‘Om.’ The mantra grabs attention as it is made in contrasting colors: black, white, red, yet it is stylish and suits various interiors.

 The more often you pay attention to it, the more effective it will be. For better influence, the Gayatri mantra can be repeated at the beginning of meditation. 

The wall art can be placed in any room and this type of mantras should be put on display.

This powerful mantra can become a good gift for close people.

Unique carved panel with mantra ‘Om’. Each piece is handmade, so it has a strong energy. This Gayatri mantra should be put in your place of power. This way it will be charged with positive energy and will have more positive influence. Try to protect the piece from negative energy.

It promotes calmness and helps stress relief. 

The Gayatri mantra panel size is 0.8 x 15.75 inches. There is an ‘Om’ sign in the center of the panel. ‘Om’ sign connects the soul with the universe. It is made of Suar wood and decorated with floral pattern.

It is a handmade wall plate with Gayatri mantra in ethnic style. 

The best place for this one is at the entrance to the house or room. It protects the place from negative energy and charges people who come to your house with positive emotions.

I would like to warn you: the mantra I ordered was slightly different from the photo. This is normal, because each mantra is handmade. I love to think that each item is one of a kind. 

The dimensions of the panel are: 9.3 x 0.3 x 3.3 inches. But even such a small element can have a strong impact on our consciousness if catches our eye regularly.

The text of the Gayatri mantra is written on white background with golden touches. 

This painting will decorate the wall of any house. 

If you constantly pronounce this mantra, you can learn wisdom and achieve enlightenment. It is desirable to sing the mantra of Om before each reading.

This picture can make a perfect gift to loved ones. It is suitable even for those who have not practiced meditation and mantra before.

Buddhist mantras

Framed art with printed Buddhist mantra has calming and meditative energy. The manufacturer made sure that the image bears only your energy. When printed, it is not touched with bare hands.

The mantra brings blessings and meditative energy to the house.  It is a limited edition one, so If you are interested in purchasing this canvas, I advise you to hurry. 

Calligraphy on canvas is a mantra of the Dalai Lama about a long and happy life. It helps to fight stress and enjoy life.

This one is a big Tibetan cotton mandala with Buddhist mantra written in gold. This exclusive product should be placed in your own or family only room. The mandala should not be seen by people you are unfamiliar with in order to avoid negative vibes.

The mantra helps to focus, achieve spiritual goals and desires. 

This Buddhist mantra mandala can be gifted to your loved ones who need recovery or who are going through a rough period. 

It is a perfect gift for those who have never meditated or entry-level meditation enthusiasts.

This mandala will work great in terracotta or navy blue interior with bronze or gold accents.  

I’ve come across very nice Meditation Cards for Kids with calming meditations. I loved the idea!

It is a great choice, if you want to introduce your kids to meditation and positive Buddhist mantras, but don’t know how to approach your child to make sure it is interesting, engaging and interactive. 

The mantras can be stored in a box and can be retrieved as needed. Parents can also hang them in a child’s room, since they can become a beautiful interior design trick. Additionally, their influence will be stronger, if you see them constantly.

Parents should provide their kids with tools for focusing and finding the inner peace, These mantras can become amazing baby steps into the world of meditation. You can use these cards to meditate together with your child.

It is a big painting with Thangka Thanka Buddhist mantra, painted by hand. I bought several paintings at once when I found out that they are unique. 

These masterpieces with Buddhist mantras are painted by a family that has been practicing Tibetan art for over 35 years. It is fascinating! 

I felt the energy of the painting as soon as I unpacked it. 

The mantra is painted with gold on a fabric made of natural fibers. Each symbol is carefully painted with attention to details. 

This is a framed canvas with the painting of the root chakra (Muladhara) and mantra. This image with mantra can be used as a home decoration. It will be great if you put it with other framed art of different sizes, creating an eclectic collage. Even in this case it will project positive vibes and enhance your life.

The main task of this mantra is to ground us. It is generally related to Earth and ground. It aims to connect energy, desires and goals to our reality.

The red chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is responsible for aspects necessary for survival like financial and emotional security.

It is best to place the painting in your own room.

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

I’ve stumbled upon a cool pillow with transcendental meditation mantra. It has not only a spiritual purpose, but also a practical one. 

The pillow helps to relax and straighten the posture during meditation.

The pillow is environmentally friendly since it was stuffed with buckwheat husks. I also put mountain lavender flowers and dried roses on my pillow. This is an absolute delight!

I use the pillow during my meditation and while I’m working at the home office. When I’m not using it on purpose, I put it on the sofa to see the mantra more often. 

If I had a separate meditation room, I would buy lots of pillows to use them like throw pillows for design as well. 

This is a beautiful chakra bowl for transcendental meditation mantras. It produces harmonious and resonating sounds that help you immerse into calmness. It is pleasant, soothing and tuned to meditation.

Transcendental meditation mantra is inscribed on the pillow and hammer. Therefore, the bowl’s energy works even when nobody touches it. Each item is handmade. The hammer might leave marks on the bowl, which is beautiful. 

When I use this bowl, I try to imitate resonating sound in the same tonality. In this way I withdraw myself from the distractions and immerse completely into my inner world. 

Set of candleholders made of Himalayan salt and salt lamp. There are no written mantras on them. Their magical power lies in their glow and effect. Relaxing light helps to adjust the consciousness and achieve goals faster. It is one of my favorite tools to set the mood for meditation. 

I use candles during my meditation, romantic date or just dinner. It seems to me that even such small objects has a strong effect on my state of mind.

Another item that I use for atmosphere of my transcendental meditation mantras is a set of sculptures on a wooden tray with two lotus-shaped candleholders, Buddha head and decorative stones. 

This set is so beautifully composed that it is an inspiration for meditation. A candle flame softly illuminates the Buddha’s head and emits relaxing vibes. It helps me calm down after a long day. 

I prefer to light the candles in the evening, so it is the only source of light. It increases concentration and relaxation. 

Originally, this set is meant for the garden. I like to keep it at home, though. You can place the sculpture in a special place for meditation.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for scented handmade candles. They contain only natural components: wax, essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, dried herbs and crystals of amethyst. I have 4 of them. A gentle scent fills the room helping to relax and distract from worries and routine.  

Candles in such tin cans suit any interior, and can be used as an element of decor, even if you are not into transcendental meditation mantras. 

The stone itself enhances calmness and contemplation. But when candles are lit, magic begins. Amethyst shimmer with different colors and helps you peek into your true desires and get closer to fulfilling them.

Object to concentrate on while meditating

Recently, it’s been really hard for me to focus. I understood that I can ground myself only if my eyes are fixed on something.

I have this decoration of drifting hanging clouds and it helps to distract me and now I hang my mantras or affirmations there to add some ambience to the room

img 1

Self Love Affirmation

Each mantra can work separately. But to multiply its energy, you need to use additional tools for inspiration. 

These can be slogans, inspiring quotes, cards and other beautiful things. The main thing is to blend them harmoniously into the interior. Each image should bring you pleasure and cause positive emotions. 

If you are not interested in meditation types and spirituality, but you’d like to have something encouraging, kind and aesthetic to surround yourself, take a look at my self-love affirmation picks. 

I bought the ‘I am Enough’ Candle with lunar composition. It is decorated with dried plants and natural stones. It has a subtle fragrance. The candle is handmade, so each composition is unique. Only eco-friendly materials are used.

This candle is so beautiful that I hesitate to light it. But it doesn’t matter either. It inspires me to dream and believe in myself. It is a wonderful self-care gift.

A candle can be placed, for example, next to the mantra. This will strengthen its effect.

It is a nice small medallion with a mantra of love for yourself. Its purpose is to remind you that no matter what happens, you always have yourself. 

‘I am Enough’ medallion helps to achieve harmony with nature, yourself and others. It relieves tension and inspires.

The heart in the middle is a sign that everything in this world begins with love.

If you do not have a mantra in the interior yet, let this medallion be the first one. 

You will understand that even the smallest objects can become a nice tool to remember about your advantages.

Motivation, Quotes and Reaching Goals

Every phrase that appears in our lives has a vibe. 

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with positive quotes and statements. They set the mood and thoughts, helping to focus on achieving goals.

 The more you visualize, the closer your dream becomes. And the more inspired you are, the more spiritually enriched  your life becomes.

When choosing quotes, pay attention to your feelings. If the words remind you of something negative, it is better to avoid them.

Motivation Cards and Inspirational Cards

A set of beautifully crafted cards with affirmations. The cards are made of recycled and content chipboard paper that has chic vintage look. 

Every card includes an inspirational mantra for every day. Its main task is to provide some help to people who are going through a hard time (which is all of us after 2020).

Reading and understanding the mantra will help you calm down and put your thoughts in order. These cards are not framed, but if you want, you can put them into the frames of different sizes and create a very consistent decoration for your wall.

A set of spiritual cards with lunar images. They have a soothing design: black background, white images and phrases.

These cards were painted during the birth of the moon. This means that they are loaded with ascending power and new accomplishments. You can use them regardless of the lunar cycle.

Please note: the cards are made manually and only on a certain day of the lunar cycle. They are out of stock really quickly.

The deck consists of 52 mantra cards. Each statement is aimed at a certain area of life, such as wealth, love, success, dignity and so on.

Reading these mantras creates positive vibrations that bring you closer to your goals. The deck helps to reshape your mind and body, strengthen communication with the universe and get faith in yourself.

I like to lay out these cards on my nightstand. Every morning the first thing I see is one of the cards and that’s amazing. 

A deck with phrases about self-forgiveness. It is a powerful tool that allows you to realize the richness of the universe within. The idea is as simple as that: to find the truth, you must forgive yourself.

You can lay out the cards to find out what challenge you are currently going through. 

For me this deck is too personal, I take it away from other people. It is very useful for my self-esteem.

Wall Quotes, Inspirational Wall Art, Framed Quotes

This one is a beautiful canvas with the image of a fan and Sanskrit text. It is made in black and white shades. It allows for more freedom, fitting it in any interior, next to any mantra.

This Sanskrit text is dedicated to mother earth and grass. It is made to remind us of our unity with nature. 

You can just use it as the painting to admire every day. 

You can also add it to the mantra. This way, nature itself will help you in the realization of your desires.

This poster features the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and an original image. The picture looks vintage and will fit eclectic designs.

This design will motivate everyone who looks at it and recognizes the power of philosophy and meditation. Hang a poster above your desk and you will be able to reach a resourceful state of mind way faster. 

You can also add it to your mantra and uncover its power.

I put this poster in the frame. It looks as if it was a page from a rare antique newspaper.

This is a framed definition of the word Shakti. It looks very stylish in the interior. The wife of the god Shiva (less often Vishnu) symbolizes the female creative spirituality and energy.

Even such a small text can change your life for the better. Hang this poster in front of your bed. Waking up, you will see a reminder that you are strong, yet feminine.

Create a composition from the mantra and this definition to fill yourself with energy.

Affirmations for Women

It is a deck with motivational phrases for women. 36 cards in vibrant pink contain mantras and exercises that reveal women’s energy. 

The deck’s size is small in order for you to take it where you want and read affirmations even during a lunch at work or a trip.

These phrases help to keep a log of the way you feel every day. If you use a deck in addition to mantra, your energy level will be way higher. 

Quote cards to boost self-confidence. 

A bright set of cards will help you to believe in yourself and show the fastest and most comfortable way to your dreams. 

These cards are always the source of real talk. I bought it as a gift for my friend. The quality and the colors are amazing. I know that these cards will be a perfect addition and a bright spot of color on my friend’s desk. 

A deck of affirmations for women that helps to fight against anxiety. The cards remind about our unity with the planet and nature. 

The tips in the text aim to deal with the constant feeling of anxiety that hunts everywhere.

52 cards contain mantras, reminders, strategies to overcome negative emotions. They help to focus on what is important and let go of what does not depend on us. 

If you often feel anxious, afraid or worried, this deck is for you. 

 It is a deck of cards to help relieve stress and anxiety. The affirmations for women are easy to read and understand. When I’m stressed, I can apply all the instructions on practice.

Cards can be used during meditation complementing the mantra. By reading them every day, you will reduce your daily stress levels. 

The design in gold, blue and black tones will fit into any interior and will look good with any mantra.

I found a framed spiritual image of 7 chakras painted in watercolor. On the canvas there is a connection of 7 chakras.

The purple chakra symbolizes the connection with the spiritual world. The blue chakra is associated with the soul. Blue is related to the truth. Green is about the compassion for all. Yellow is related to the power of will. Orange is associated with pleasure of life and red is about the connection with ancestors.

I recommend placing this image next to other attributes of meditation.

Quotable Cards

Set of quotations from the Persian book “Divining Poets: Rumi”. 78 cards contain short phrases that will inspire you and make you contemplate on many topics.

 The set includes a small citation stand. You can put it next to the mantra and change the card every day. Perhaps one of the quotes will play an essential role in achieving your goals.

This set is better used in addition to meditation. Otherwise, it may not have energy strong enough.

The cards are a beautifully compiled collection of 100 literary quotable cards. A card from this set can answer a philosophical question, make you laugh and bring many positive emotions.

Though it is not related to spirituality, it is important to remember that besides spiritual practices, it is vital to surround yourself with thoughtful and profound things that drive positive changes. 

The more positive thoughts we have in our minds, the more happiness we project into the world.

Art quotes, Printable Quotes, Art

Cool poster with printable quote. This inspiring phrase will remind you every day that kindness and decency are the most important qualities of a person.

The quote is written in a beautiful font. It will be a great addition to the wall gallery of mantras. 

It can be a nice gift to your close friend as well.

This poster introduces a long and thoughtful quote about yoga. There are no pictures or extra symbols. Actually, you don’t need redundant ornaments on your posters. 

The most important thing is the meaning of the quote.

You can print an image and put it in a place where you meditate.

Decorate this framed quote art with other meditation accessories: mantras, candles, meaningful phrases. All this energy will help you achieve your goals.

This art quote is Walt Disney’s quote from Mulan. This phrase can be placed in the children’s room, next to children’s mantras and a place for meditation.

Walt Disney quotation poster will look good in any room.

The most important thing when choosing mantras and self-love affirmations is to track what you feel when you see the word or mantra. 

You need to be sure that you feel only positive vibes from what you see. Usually, if something is aesthetically pleasing to your eye, it is a sign that you get positive vibes from what you see. 

So, you can be guided by your sense.

AMM was created as a way to share my aesthetics with the world. Stunning interiors instigated my passion for beautiful, extraordinary, and simple shapes. I was largely influenced by Nordic design philosophy and AMM transitioned from a personal blog into my own collection of interiors, things, visual trends, DIY projects, lifestyle products, and observations. As an interior design aficionado, I would love to see like-minded people, so stay tuned!

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