Throw Pillows for Bed and Couch Full Guide

Throw pillows for the bed make it really easy to visually change the interior, if your walls and furniture are rather a canvas think of your pillows and rugs as paint and brush. 

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Throw Pillows for Bed

My favorite thing about the throw pillows for the bed is that it softens the interior and actually feels nice to use. I don’t know a person who doesn’t like to have a rest on a sofa or bed filled with fluffy and lush pillows. 

The only bad thing about throw pillows is that it is really hard to stop buying them, they make visual changes to your room and they are affordable. Both these factors are extremely rewarding, so I’m always on the passive hunt for beautiful, comfy, and squishy pillows. 

How to Mix and Match Pillows

There are many methods on how to mix and match pillows: 

Throw pillows are extremely functional: I lay on the pillows. I hug pillows while taking a nap, I hold them tightly while watching scary movies at night. Additionally, arranging and rearranging pillows makes the room look fresh and put together at once. 

Mix Sizes

Mix sizes: the larger pillows will be suitable in the background creating an essential visual section, and smaller pillows are better to go in front.


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Mix Shapes

Mix shapes: throw pillows of different shapes are great if it provides some fun or aesthetic accent to your bed or sofa. For example, a shell-shaped throw pillow will suit square or rectangle pillows in a similar color palette. 


Texture: if you have a lot of pillows in the same color tones, you can add extra texture with interesting fabric or trim or design of the throw pillow. Keep in mind that textured throw pillows serve rather as an accent in modern interior, it is important not to overuse them. 


Materials: I prefer the natural fabric of the pillowcase since I often lie on them and don’t want to irritate my skin. Linen throw pillowcases offer additional subtle texture to your set. 

Number of Pillows

Number of pillows: The adequate amount of throw pillows on the bed or sofa depends on the available space. It is rare to see more than 6 pillows located on the furniture since it is physically uncomfortable. But it is not a rule, if your pillows are small, comfy, and look great it is a green light. 


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I suggest you have a lot of different pillowcases for the bed, so you can add pops of color to your interior as soon as you need it, wash it quickly and store it compactly.

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As for pillow stuffing, it is always a good idea to buy the pillow itself that is slightly larger than a case, because the stuffing tends to fall down quickly with time, losing its aesthetic function. 

Here are several nice throw pillows I have in my cart: 

P.S. Take a look at Swedish printed industrial throw pillows. I already own a concrete printed pillow but maybe another wouldn’t be so bad? The rust pattern is also gorgeous.

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