26 String Lights Ideas for Home: All Year Round

Hundreds of colorful lights create a special atmosphere and everything around becomes magical. I am talking about the string lights. It is hard to imagine something visually as appealing and mood-setting as nicely picked string lights. I think I can stay enchanted for hours watching them sparkle. 

You need string lights to make a spontaneous holiday, set a romantic mood in your room, add more warmth to cold interiors or decorate your place for a holiday  – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

String lights produce a wonderful glow that adds beauty and coziness to any interior. I also think that string lights are cool, because they are:

  • Cheap. One set of lights can cost as much as 3 packs of chips. It gives a lot of freedom for decoration and without lots of effort your house sparkles like a sky full of stars. 
  • Universal. You can decorate your house from the inside and outside, put them around the trees, on the street, and decorate the patio. It instills a magical atmosphere into every corner of your home.
  • Delightful. String lights literally spark joy. It is impossible to be in a bad mood all the time when you see so many usual things shine and glow.
I have chosen the best string lights to use all year round, not only for Christmas.

Let’s see how we can use them in our interior design in a beautiful and unconventional way.

Outdoors String Lights

Solatec LED String Lights are bright LED bulbs capable of replacing streetlights. They are only 2W in power, at the same time they are as bright as a 12W bulb. 

Snow, rain and wind won’t damage these lights.  

The base of the flashlights is covered with dense rubber, which prevents liquids leakage. The bulbs are shockproof and the length of the string is 48 ft with 15 light bulbs. You can also connect additional blocks with flashlights to it.

The garlands create a romantic atmosphere in the house, my husband and I made love on the veranda thanks to garlands and a generic Viagra pill.

 In total, you can connect up to 12 glowing strings. 

You can hang 2-3 strings on the edge of the fence or hang one strip with bulbs on the tree – imitating shining fruits. 

If you want your outdoor string lights to be insanely bright and colorful, I recommend you consider Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED. 

The light bulbs instantly create a festive mood. There are many color modes, as well as the ability to turn on a warm white light. 

A remote to control color modes and adjust the brightness is included with the kit. It works at 50 ft distance. There are 12 light bulbs on a 24 ft long thread. You can also purchase a larger version: 48 ft length string. 

Acrylic light bulbs are shockproof: they won’t break if they fall. Also, these outdoor string lights do not heat up. It is one of the best options to decorate the entrance to the house. 

You can hang the outdoor string lights right above the door. It is one of the most popular options to decorate the backyard and have a nice family evening meal there.

Magictec LED Commercial Grade is another version of the impact resistant outdoor string lights.

Perhaps this option got the most bang for the buck.

First, the string is super durable. The cable is much thicker than in other lights of this type. 

The lifetime of the bulbs reaches up to 15000 hours, which equals 625 days or almost 2 years. There are 30 light bulbs in one thread, the length is 48 ft. 

These string lights include hinges, so the decoration can be hung on hooks, nails, branches of trees and bushes. The gates, windows, doors, mailbox or fence decorated with the light bulbs look effective.

My favorite choice is to make a “starry sky” above the entrance to the house, if there are high poles or fence on both sides. 

65 backyard patio designs For Relaxing 4

Just stretch the strings from one side to the other. To do it, you will need 2-3 strings depending on the width of your porch.

Feit 48′ LED Filament String Light Set has managed to become a well-known classic. It is used in rooms with high humidity and, of course, in the street conditions. 

The 48′ LED Filament String Light Set has 24 LED bulbs. 

The lights are securely fixed to the strip. They are completely shock and weatherproof

So, you can use them all year round. They will surround you when you are eating insanely delicious leftovers after Thanksgiving, celebrating Christmas, and making BBQ at your backyard continuing the party until the summer night. 

If you are organizing a grand party or want to illuminate a large area, these string lights will do. You can connect up to 45 sets, which is 2160 ft!

LED Patio String Lights are bulbs that can hang in your backyard and patio all year round. They emit a rich and pleasant white light with yellow tint. 

I would use them as decoration for a birthday party, a romantic date or as an alternative to everyday lighting on the terrace. 

As for the size, the bulbs are no bigger than a golf ball. There are 30 lights on the thread, and the total length of the garland is 38.5 ft. 

If your house has a balcony or patio, you can decorate the ceiling or stretch the lights from the patio to the building itself in a beautiful glowing lines. 


If you have a tree with large and broad crown in your garden, you can place a small table beneath. Fix a few light strings on the branch, but make sure you have loose ends to fall down on the table. It will add magical atmosphere to the usual setting.

SAFETY CHECK: The product is low voltage and it is considered safe if compared to high-voltage options. There is a solid wiring inside the patio lights and the bulbs do not overheat. This option is waterproof and efficient in energy use.

For fans of open air hangouts, I picked up the Patio Lights RGBW LED. Here you get 49 ft of colorful patio string lights. These lights are durable enough to survive a hurricane. 

The threads and wiring was made to withstand 50 mph wind. You can adjust the temperature and brightness of lights just using your smartphone. 

What I liked the most was the fact that you can save and set up to 8 lighting modes. Threads can be prolonged when connected to each other: a total of 3 threads can be combined.

Use the lights to make a glowing curtain: hang the string lights vertically in several rows. You may need 2 to 4 strings.

You can also wrap garden figures with Mini Pickleball String lights. These lights are small shaped as plastic balls with slots. 

Yellow-blue-green lights emit scattered light that looks extraordinary and unusual. 

If you have a dinner party planned, surprise your guests by laying the balls around the pool perimeter or on the terrace.

They can also be used to decorate the patio ceiling.

During the daylight the solar battery of 200 LED Solar String Lights stores energy, and at night the string lights turn on automatically (like all the lights powered by solar panels). 

The super capacity of the built-in battery was a pleasant surprise – 1800 mAh. 

The set consists of 2 packs of lights 72 ft each: the strands include small and warm white lights. The lights have 8 modes of operation. 

This type of solar string lights is best located on the trunk of the trees or at any other object in your garden. You can put it on the roof as well as on the walls of the house, around the windows. It is up to you and your imagination.

Sunlitec Solar String Lights Waterproof LED has larger bulbs. Round bulbs are densely located on the wire : 27 ft with 25 lights. In this case, the lights have an excellent battery 3 W / 5 V (premium) and USB port for charging (if it was cloudy or not enough sunlight to charge).

Each light bulb only consumes 1W, so the battery will last a long time. 

With this solar string lights you can create a magical garden by connecting the trees in your garden. 

The lights will look unusual if you create a flameless fire pit installation: put the logs in the shape of a regular bonfire, surround them with stones, and put the lights inside (one string is enough). 

16. A Chic Flameless Fire Pit

I would also decorate the area near the hammock or back of the benches with solar lights to add cozy and sophisticated feel to it.

Solar String Lights Outdoor with vintage Edison bulbs is a nice choice if you are looking to add coziness outdoors. The light is warm white, natural to the eye that promotes relaxation. The lights string is 48 ft long with 15 bulbs. 

The wire is coated with rubber, durable and the bulbs are really hard to break. The string lights can also be left on the street all year round, without fear of short circuits. 

The battery capacity is 2 * 2200 mAh. There is a USB port so you can use the lights indoors as well. 

There are 4 completely different modes – choose the lighting to suit your mood. The garland will look beautifully if placed over the bed or on the headboard.

Indoors String Lights

The stunning Twinkle Star 300 LED lights instantly make an awesome impression. The string lights are shaped like a curtain. The width of the horizontal stripe is 9.8 ft, and the length of vertical threads is 6.6 ft. The string has 300 bulbs, shining with warm white light. 

The garland is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. But I’d recommend using it as a decoration for windows over curtains or on the wall. You can use it to divide a room into several zones. 

The twinkle lights look impressive if placed at the headboard of a bed or as a canopy. 


Surprisingly, string lights in the bedroom look especially calming if they are set in the ceiling can even be hung from the ceiling. They look especially beautiful on the triangular ceiling of the attic.

11 tak lights 3774227

This is an option for those who prefer the lighting that is extremely easy to incorporate. 

It is as simple as a self-adhesive strap with lights. The length of one string is 65.6 ft. 

The most convenient thing about these lights is that the strips can be cut every 3 lights. The bulbs are very bright with a wide variety of  colors and modes. 

You can set the sequence of colors that suits your taste. 

I love the fact that you can make letters and images on the wall from the lights. You can decorate any vertical or horizontal surfaces at home that need accentuation or additional light.

Such lights, due to their wide color choice can become an amazing addition to the gaming set or interior for the gamer’s room.

You can also create an aura of mystery with the Twinkle Star LED. Star-shaped lights can be white, warm white, blue and multicolored. The length of the strip is 49 ft. It is a huge space for decorations. Using only one string you can decorate a Christmas tree or ceiling in the nursery

I like the way the shining stars serve as a string for photos: just hang the strip from left to right, go down and right to left, etc. Now attach your photos right next to the bulbs – use paper clips. 

This model has 8 glow modes. The bulbs are energy-saving and waterproof (tested).  Several strings can be connected to each other to decorate the large spaces.

Purple & Pink Himalayas flower with leaf string lights are absolutely fantastic. The light bulbs with flower-shaped covers emit an incredibly soft light. 

They are suitable for creating intimate or relaxing environments. 

I like the idea of decorating a mirror, a window or a headboard. The floral lights will be suitable for the bedroom and bathroom. 

The flowers are made of nylon fabric. The size of each flower is 2.3 inches. The total length of the product is 9.3 ft. There are 20 light bulbs in a string. 

There is a plug at one end, so you can add more flashlights. Several power options are available: USB powered, battery powered.

This option has the same characteristics as the previous flower, but in this case the design is  White Lotus with leaf fairy string lights.

It will be perfect for interiors in white, beige, and other light colors.

Apart from other string lights, these option is not closely associated with Christmas, so you can use it all year long, decorating with lights when you feel like it. 

LED Strip Lights are innovative lights that can be controlled via the app and remote control (44 keys). 16 million colors are at your service  – it is crazy! 

Another amazing feature is that the LED string lights have an intelligent music mode. This means that the color will vary depending on the rhythm of the music.

You can create your own unique color and adjust the brightness from 1 to 100%. The lights have 28 dynamic modes.

The set has 4 rolls 16.4 ft each. The tapes are self-adhesive and can be cut in every 3 lights. 

You can decorate literally anything with it. I like the idea of decorating the computer area, windows, shelves and ceiling. 

This one is  specifically made for Christmas and holidays. It is very convenient, since the wiring is copper and you can shape anything you want from it and then choose the color of your LED string lights. 

They are powered by USB and can be put into a jar to create firefly lantern, you can use it to decorate a mirror or cozy reading nook in your house. In this case the opportunities are limitless.

As soon as I saw the lights and the rope, I thought it would work well with a Christmas light strand. The braid is easy to pull apart so I bought enough to cover the length of a long Christmas light string.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • thick manila rope (as long as the strand you want to cover)
  • string of lights (preferably white Brizled Christmas Lights)

Begin with the female end of the light strand, weave it in with the rope by twisting the rope in the opposite direction of the braid. Continue to do this for the length of the rope until almost the entire string of lights has been twisted into the rope.

You can wrap it up in a circle like I did and hang it on yesterday’s DIY hook or set it on a bookshelf or even the floor. I’m sure you could even use different kinds/colors of rope but I prefer this natural fiber myself. 

I love this because it can definitely be used as Christmas decor or just used year-round! If you love my DIY projects, check out DIY blanket ladder.

Unusual and Creative String Lights

I love lights so much that I don’t want to wait for Christmas every year to legitimize my excessive usage of this decoration tool. 

I want my lights everywhere, every season. 

Take a look at my favorite lights of different shapes and purpose.

I like how simple this shape is. It is round and the light is white and warm. 

Globe string lights add a few hundred extra points to relaxation, if you put it in your backyard, garden, patio or even bedroom.

You will always feel distracted by the warming and charming glow of the lights of a perfect shape. 

It will illuminate even the darkest spots on your backyard. You can choose the length: 25, 50, 100 ft (1 bulb per ft). 

The finishes are available in white, frosty white and white with black plastic. Incandescent bulbs work from a socket. 

Each item is equipped with a small hook on the side, so it is easy to attach the string to the branch, hang on a nail. 

The lights are weatherproof. 

I suggest you pay attention to Silver Moroccan Lights. These are metal balls in Bohemian style. The flashlights are available in three colors: silver, gold and pink gold. 

The globe lights have dotted slots, which makes their shining especially magical. People who love Shabby Chic style will surely appreciate the ball lights. 

They can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, a wreath, a carpet or the wall. They are battery powered and don’t heat up, so if you need a temporary design trick, it would be a perfect choice.

Black Lantern String Lights are 40 miniature LED lights on a 9.8 ft long wire. It is a vintage and charming version. It can be used for exterior and interior lighting. 

The lights are bright enough and do not heat up even after a few hours of work. It will look amazing on the fireplace and on the Christmas tree skirt.

It is a nice set of lantern string lights for your Halloween decorations as well. But they are quite minimalistic and can be used all year round. 

ZHONGXIN Outdoor Patio Lantern String Lights can also be used to decorate the patio or porch. Copper wire balls and beads have a refined and stylish feel to it. 

It is a perfect choice for any outdoor decorations. You can trim garden furniture with it or light up an area around a hammock. 

 The total length of the lantern string lights is 8.5 feet with 10 lights. One string lights set is enough to dress up a Christmas tree.

If you prefer tenderness in design, you are going to love Gladworts Decorative Lantern String Lights. There are 5 colors to choose from. The lanterns are shaped like balls on the white wire.

The item is made of durable and lightweight plastic and quality cotton thread. The total length is 9.8 ft and the diameter of the balls is 2.3 inches. The lights are powered by USB.

 The manufacturer promises that the lamps will last for 45 thousand hours.

I think the balls will look spectacular in the wicker basket, on the carpet, falling down from the mirror, stretched on the wall and on the coffee table. They are waterproof, so you might as well boast with these cool lights on the patio. 

Edison bulb string lights become quite a popular choice for decorating a café, craft’s markets or cool barbecue area. The lights have an unusual elongated shape.

The bulbs emit a soft light that creates warm atmosphere even in cold seasons

The lamps are safe, do not heat up and are not affected by moisture, wind, and other weather conditions, similar to many high quality streetlights. 

The total length of the product is 20 feet (22 light bulbs). You can connect up to 5 strings into one long Edison bulbs string.

This is 20 ft of beautiful rustic string lights with vintage feel. This model has a chip: it can be powered by both socket and batteries. The box with batteries is located on the plug. It is very convenient.

It adds stylish and vintage touch to any exterior. The lights will be an excellent addition to the garden furniture. The lights combine well with trees, plaid blankets, soft pillows and various cute rarities.

The rustic style string lights are resistant to weather conditions. These are the light bulbs with wow-effect. 

Apart from design, their main advantage is a pleasant caramel color of the light. 

This string is filled with lights: 25 light bulbs per 25 ft of cord. It comes with two strips of garlands – at a very attractive price.  

The lights are playful, so I would decorate the nursery with it, because they are pleasant to the eye and are designed brilliantly.

Dark string lights are among my favorites this year. Purple light and black string make the perfect combination for Halloween party.

It is also a great addition to an unconventional interior for a person who sees the beauty in the dark. 

These black string lights have 8 modes of lighting and a memory function. 

One string is 98.5 ft long. You can connect up to 4 sets of garlands. 

I love an idea of these lights on the Christmas tree, the black wiring will get lost on the background and the tree will sparkle with beautiful purple fireflies. 

It is also a perfect black string of lights to wrap the trees near your house. It will look amazing in the dark.

Also, with black string lights  you can wrap a swing in the yard.

How To Dim The String Lights

Sometimes the lights are just too much. Your eyes get tired and you get used to extremely bright lights and it is hard to adjust to daylight later. 

You might also want to get a subtle light in the interior or exterior and stand out this way.

There is a dimmer for outdoor string lights that helps with excessive brightness of the lights. 

The 360 Watt Outdoor Dimmer for String Lights is suitable for dimming LED string lights and as well as tungsten lamps. 

The device has a brightness memory, and it automatically turns on and off when the sun rises. 

The dimmer is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 

It is waterproof, but the plug is better to be protected from moisture. The device works at temperatures from -4 ° F to 104 ° F.

Outdoor Dimmer for String Lights SUNTHIN has less power – 240 watts. It has 4 brightness modes: 25, 50, 75 and 100%. You can also adjust the brightness manually from 1 to 100%.

There is a timer function: lights will be turned off automatically at a specified time.

The device is equipped with the remote control that can be used within 50 ft from the lights. It is a game changer if you live in a snowy climate and need to adjust your outdoor Christmas lights. There is no need to leave your home anymore. 

I can’t get enough of string lights in decor.  Holidays end too soon, so I have string lights with flower-shaped covers and regular LED twinkle lights for my bedroom just as a reminder of magical atmosphere that appears as soon as the lights are on. 

Tell me more about the way you decorate your house and don’t be shy to boast with pictures!

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