DIY Geo Advent Calendar and Gift Ideas

I painted a branch that I used last year to hang some garland as part of Christmas decorations. Well, I have decided to keep it up and reuse it for my advent calendar for my family this year.

I am loving geo shapes just now and used this template to create all 24 shapes filling them with chocolate coins and small toys and personalized mini gifts, hanging with some black and white baker twine onto the branch, and used rub-on numbers.

What to Put into Advent Calendar?

Each section of this advent calendar has enough room for creativity. Things to put in an advent calendar can change depending on who is going to open the calendar today: your partner, kid, relative or friend.

You can stick with classics like mini chocolate bars, but you can also truly surprise another person with an unusual tiny gift, instigating interest and anticipation of the holiday.

I will share my advent calendar gift ideas.

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Adults

You can divide items if they come as a set, or put one item into the calendar and as soon as it is opened you can gift the rest.

Universal Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Both children and adults will be happy to discover these things in the calendar.

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Kids

Creative Alternative Advent Calendars

If you loved the geometric advent calendar from above, but you cannot make it or it doesn’t fit your interior design, I’ve been looking at alternative advent calendars, so take a look at my findings.

My attention is grabbed by unusual advent calendars or the ones that can be made by hand.

I f you love my DIY projects, take a look at the DIY blanket ladder.

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