Scandinavian Bathroom: Nordic Design Decoration

Scandinavian bathroom design is functional, sustainable, simple and filled with wooden accents. It should be chic, effortless, yet extremely pragmatic and every item in the bathroom should be used.

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Scandinavian Bathroom Design Features

If you consider decorating your bathroom in Scandinavian design, you are in for a treat. Scandinavian bathrooms are timeless in their design and practicality. You will see that the white color of the tile is dominant, but the tile itself varies in shape from square to rectangular and octagon. The grout color is black because it is practical and demands less care. 


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Wooden Accents in Scandinavian Design

Wooden accents are extremely important in Scandinavian bathroom design. Wooden elements match well with an off-white palette, so stools, trays, benches, vanities, and mirror trims are often highlighted in wood. Also, it is a natural material that is sustainable and durable, which is coherent with Scandinavian bathroom philosophy.

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Light in Scandinavian Bathroom Interior

Scandinavian bathrooms are spacious and filled with light. The Nordic design itself tends to a lot of space, clean and sharp lines, a monochromatic palette, and an abundance of natural light. The same principle applies to the Scandinavian bathroom. 

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Modern and Rustic in Nordic Design

The scandinavian bathroom is a blend of very modern, clean design with something rustic. It is a nod to traditions and cultural legacy, yet embracing of the future. 

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