Dark Wood: Light Home with Dark Furniture

This apartment with dark wood furniture is like a feast for the eyes, so it’s really no wonder to hear that it belongs to architect Andreas Martin Löf and styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed for Residence Bookazine.

Dark Wood Bedroom

The dark wood is seen throughout the home, in tables, lounge chairs, bed frames, and office storage. It is contrasted by lighter colored upholstery and textiles. Oversized art sits on the floor of the dining room and above the bed however, the living room is free entirely of hanging art and features bare walls that are positioned perpendicular to broad windows.

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What Colors Go Well With Dark Wood

Dark stained wood can become an amazing addition to a light interior or one with gray walls. It has this intriguing, earthy feel. If it is unpolished and seems natural, the dark wood texture will introduce the raw element to your composed and put-together home.

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Specifically, this interior in dark wood was created in the building that used to be a university campus in 1960. The house is filled with light, has huge windows and ceilings. An amount of light is crucial if you plan to use rather dark shades of gray or dark wood furniture. If you don’t have enough natural light, you might want to introduce more through lamps, pendants, and sconces. 

Dark Wood Texture

Designers have picked a rather neutral color tone and have put an emphasis on natural materials that add comfort and aesthetic pleasure to the interior. Dark stained wood is a perfect design choice for this home because this dark tone of wood has an additional texture that adds warmth into a very functional design, making it cozy. 

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Dark Wood Dining Table

It is an excellent example of how dark wood makes the interior look rich, dramatic, yet cozy due to different textures and warm undertones of dark wood furniture and other decorative details that add softness like carpets and lush drapes. 

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What are your favorite features? What would you do differently? Comment below!

Also, thanks for Sarah from Coco Lapine for the tip and photos.

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