Gray Kitchen Cabinets: Best Kitchen Decor 2021

The gray spectrum matches well with other colors, it can be used for any space and stylistic purposes.

Steel, silver, lead, wet asphalt, gray, pearl gray, smoky, charcoal gray, anthracite, slate, ash… Designers reasonably consider gray one of the most elegant colors, which unfolds its depth through many complex shades. Over the years I’ve heard people call gray the new beige and the new white. I couldn’t have said it better. In all its shades, gray is especially amazing in the kitchen interior. I see so many possibilities in the styling of gray kitchen cabinets.

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

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Nowadays with all the versatility of design features available it is a sign of bad manners to believe that gray is dull, dirty, depressing or any other gray-related hate speech. Like white, gray kitchen offers an amazing background to highlight anything you want, whether it is a pop of color or a smoky monochromatic kitchen interior design.

Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets

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Also, due to the huge range of shades, gray can visually enlarge the space. For example, light gray shades create a sense of space, purity and freshness. Dark gray is suitable for the chamber-like, sensual atmosphere, providing intriguing depth to the space.

For the gray kitchen interior light shades of gray would be suitable. This range is well complemented by accessories made of silver, copper, shiny metals, as well as ceramics in creamy tones. Dark gray kitchen should have lots of lighting. 

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

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One of the best ways to introduce gray kitchen cabinets is to add some color to the interior. Blue and gray kitchen interior is not so bold, timeless and doesn’t irritate an eye. 

If you want more daring gray kitchen cabinets design, try adding yellow color. However, I feel it might feel dated in a few years.  

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Gray

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Dark gray kitchen cabinets look luxurious, intriguing and simply beautiful. It is best accompanied by wooden or marble textures. Light gray kitchen cabinets paired with wooden elements make for the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen

This kitchen in a Swedish flat has been finished in multiple shades of grey. The worktop, upper cabinets, lowers and steel appliances give multifaceted shades of this cool neutral and keep it interesting while monochrome. 

Green Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Here is a selection of products that will fit any gray kitchen cabinets style

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