White Aesthetic: Inspiration From Home in New Zealand

Not to like the white color is like not to like air or water. Colorful interiors are difficult to style. You need a sense of color, experience, clear visibility, and imagination. It is much easier to do white, black-and-white, and gray interiors. That’s why architects adore the white aesthetic. White expands space, adds air, freshness.

Everything at once looks fashionable with it. It looks more stylish than beige. It has no depression of gray. There is something gallery and artsy in it. Still, the white aesthetic color is not always a panacea, if you feel that you want and can design an interior filled with color – it is amazing. 

When I came across the interior design of this home in New Zealand, I was startled by how beautiful, spacious and fresh this interior is. 

Decorators used different textures to make the interior interesting through a combination of fabric, metal, leather, fur and wood. Funky objects, ladders, avant-garde details, modern furniture, and art objects look great on white background. At the same time, tan brown classic furniture with white walls, as in Italian villas, is also a win-win solution. In general, the white aesthetic enhances any type of space.

White has quite a long-lasting finish. It does not fade out with time, unlike other colors. White is indispensable where it is necessary to emphasize the play of shadows and reveal the volume. It gives charisma to the interior, not to mention the most common reasons for its use: the expansion of space, abundance of light, and balancing gray color

You can see in this interior that white serves as an assistant when you need to combine something that seemingly cannot coexist in the same space. It minimizes the identity of items, integrating them with a common idea.

The interior of New Zealand home is sculptural, fun and tasteful. My inspiration for today. 

White Living Room with Tan Accents

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Living Room Lighting and Furniture

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White Dining Room with Light Wood Table

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Ladder Shaped Open Shelves

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Tan Sofa with Floor Lamp and Coffee Table

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Full Standing Mirror in the Living Room

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