Studio Furniture: Efficient Apartment Tricks

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Picking a studio apartment offers a lot of styling opportunities. You can zone the area as you wish, but a lot of space is a challenge on its own. How to furnish a studio apartment to make sure it is comfortable, functional, and practical? 

Studio Apartment Styling

Each apartment should have a comfortable place to sleep, a work area, a functional kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, a recreation and entrance area.


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If you pick a studio apartment, by default you have a united space. It is up to you whether you want to make it all in one color and style, erasing all the borders or if you want to zone a studio, imitating a regular house or apartment. I suggest you stick to a unified place, set in the same style and color separating zones with studio furniture or with accent pieces according to the area. This way you can change your mind whenever you want and freshen up the interior using decorative elements. 

One color. An effective solution is to paint the floor, ceiling, and walls in one color palette. It creates the effect of an integral space without corners and borders, the room expands automatically. You can choose deep tones that will provide a deep and rich feel to space. The effect works equally well with both light and dark spaces. It is better to avoid contrasting or colorful floor finish. A large horizontal space that is filled with contrast color or ornament will narrow the space visually.

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If you have a rather small studio apartment, you might want to make it feel spacious and free. One color and a lot of light (string lights, lamps, pendants, chandeliers, sconces) will help you make the interior look smooth.

Studio Furniture: Sofa

Studio apartment furniture can play a functional and decorative role. One of the most important aspects is a sofa. It is quite a big element in the interior, so if you have a monochromatic design and want to add a pop of color, you can make your sofa an accent piece. In order to save the signature spaciousness of the studio apartment, don’t put the sofa under the wall. Give it some space, zone your living room from the working area with it. 

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Studio Furniture: Rugs

Rugs are amazing when you need to visually separate one part of the space from another. Just throw some farmhouse style rugs. Don’t be afraid to play with texture and color, just make sure there is a common style to it. Throw rugs that go under the coffee table near the armchair will visually separate the space from the sofa, providing an amazing place to read or scroll the web.


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Studio Furniture: Dividers

Room dividers in studio furniture are an essential element to visually add walls. One of the most popular types of dividers is a black square divider, but if you have a small studio, you can use a screen divider to separate the areas. Keep in mind that if you want to enlarge the space visually with the help of studio apartment furniture, your divider should be transparent or not to draw too much attention. 

Curtains can be a great idea for a divider. You can change it to something else as soon as you are tired of this one or you can just leave it open, enlarging the space. 

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Studio Furniture: Shelves

Use open shelves, bars, and clothes racks as a divider in your studio apartment. Wall shelves or racks can also save space if you make them really high up to the ceiling, storing items you rarely use on the top shelves. 

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Studio Furniture: Lighting

Lamps, as well as rugs, help to zone the interior of the studio apartment. Make sure that the main light is in the same style, and use additional lighting fixtures like desk lamps, standing lamps, chandeliers, or kitchen pendants as accent pieces or the ones to identify the zone of the apartment you are in. 

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How to arrange furniture in small studio apartment?

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One of the best ways to arrange furniture in a small studio apartment will be to properly zone the areas. 

  • Imagine your main areas in blocks: kitchen, living room, bedroom, work, and storage.
  • In order to maximize the usage of each studio furniture, look for corner sofas with storage to keep bedding, pillows, and additional blankets or comforters there.
  • Use a rug to identify the borders of the living room area. Put a coffee table or pouf with storage in front of the sofa.
  • I would suggest you buy a coffee table that can easily convert into your desk if needed.
  • Put a standing lamp near the sofa or coffee table.
  • Use shelves that go up to the ceiling to maximize storage and minimize passive space. If possible, the TV can be mounted to the wall or placed on the shelves.
  • Garment rack for clothes can be used as a divider and if you pick the one with a shoe shelf in the bottom, you’ll extract maximum from this studio furniture.
  • Make the bar table a food preparation area and a dining area. Use hanging shelves for kitchen utensils and flower pots.
  • It is important to divide the bedroom from the rest of the studio. It should be your safe place where you can recharge. Use dividers or curtains to do that. Choose a bed with a platform for additional storage inside, if you have a place for an ottoman bench it can become a nice place to store your stuff as well.
  • It is better if your bed is located near the window. You can arrange your home office in the corner. Put some poufs or a comfy armchair in the other corner of your bedroom near a floor lamp to have a chill-out zone.

Hope you enjoy your studio furniture layout!

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