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DIY: concrete diamond



Last night I came up with the idea for this 3D diamond. I think of concrete as being sort of a classic material but it is certainly making the trend right now. It's also pretty easy to work with. Since I made this in the evening I don't have photos of the process but it was a simple process.

I used this template, printed on printer paper.
Then I lined it with some clear packing tape, otherwise the wet concrete will soften the paper and it won't hold a shape.
Once I covered it in clear tape I cut out the template, folding twice on all the lines to give them a good crease.
Also, don't worry about folding the top part down, that will be your opening to pour into.
I then stuck the pointed part of the paper diamond into a paper cup and poured my concrete mixture through the top.
I used a quick dry cement so it only took about 2 hrs before I could peel the paper off.
I let it dry over night but it's still a little damp, even though the sides are solidified now. (It will lighten in color as the rest of the moisture is evaporated)

Once it's completely dry you can spray paint it a metallic copper or matte white but I think I prefer this imperfect finish, bubble holes and all.


  1. Gorgeous! I love making things out of concrete. I want one! Will give it a try. Thanks for sharing the template and your process. Lovely photos!

  2. love this! can't wait to try it out!

  3. the template isn't working?

    1. It's working for me and I've tried it in several browsers.

    2. okay...I was getting an error message. now it seems to be working fine. sorry.

  4. Obsessed...going to have to try this.


  5. Oh this is really pretty. You're so creative Jennifer I love it.

  6. This is one of those things you just have to make. Thanks for the template.

  7. You are seriously brilliant, I love this.

  8. having a hard time getting the edges to be as defined at yours. also the weight of the concrete seems to bulge the mold. working on attempt #3 they are getting better each time

    1. Hi Eric,

      A couple things that might help: I taped all across the paper before folding it, I also taped the finished diamond shape very well, my concrete mixture was a but dry so it hardened quickly, I scored the edges before and after they were taped, I let the whole thing dry while sitting in a cup so the edges wouldn't be flattened.
      Hope that helps!

  9. Great idea! Must try - definitely.

  10. This is so of topic, but I wondered what the amazing book in the last photo is. With the silly mustache figure.

  11. Tried making one today. It worked. The 2nd version, which will incorporate what was learned today, will be great. Thanks, many thanks.

  12. This is lovely! I'm a little wary of working with cement b/c I'm so afraid it'll be overly messy; any tips on particular brands that are easy to work with?

  13. Awesome! I've made a few now, thanks for the awesome photos that propelled me to want to make one!

  14. Hi there! I love this! Thanks for sharing! Would you mind if I borrow a picture of this concrete diamond on my blog ( I am having a project give away competition and would like to show your concrete diamond as a great example of homemade décor...I will of course credit and link back to you!
    Please let me know asap!
    Sincerely, June Olsen

  15. Hello it's beautiful !
    I love how imperfect it is. What do you reckon created the many color variations and uneven/rough texture feel?

    Also it's quite dark in color, even if it was still damp. Did you add pigments by any chance?


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