25 Useful Mini Electric Products for Home & Garden

Mini-goods are smaller and sometimes have slightly limited characteristics compared to their full-sized alternatives. Over time, many objects are getting smaller because of technological progress and continuous updates. 

There is a common misconception that mini electric things are worse. It is not true.

Mini electric things are useful in all the situations when the large ones take too much space, for example: a mini fridge, mini speakers, AirPods etc. 

These products perform their functions well, yet they do not take up much room, are cheaper and comfortable for travel. 

You might think that mini electric goods require constant recharging, but the batteries in small versions are modern and enhanced, so charging is not going to be another pain for the customer. Time for charging is reduced and the quality of batteries is getting better every year. 

Mini electric goods with batteries are easy to carry and travel with.

Some mini-goods do not have batteries and are powered by electricity. However, in this case, mini-versions require less power than the full-size ones.

I have made a top of mini electric items that you didn’t know you needed! I’m sure anyone will find something interesting from this list.


These mini-goods are mainly designed for children who are not able to use the full version. However, this does not mean that they are worse in any way. Some mini models work even better than full-sized versions.

Mini Electric Bike

Mini electric bikes are smaller electric versions of motorcycles for children and teenagers.

There are two cool mini electric bikes that were made to resemble mountain bikes. The Razor MX650 is a yellow bike for teenagers from 16 years old. It can hold up to 220 lbs. 

It can speed up to 17 miles per hour, which is a lot for such a product.

Such bikes usually consume a lot of power. The manufacturer Razor has achieved a good result in sustainability, bringing the average battery life up to 40 minutes if the bike rides all this time at maximum speed.

The other mini bike, the Razor MX350 is rather a lightweight option – only 25 lbs. 

Due to this, the bike is extremely portable and you can use it for a long time outdoors, being sure the battery won’t let you down. The MX350 is designed for younger children – the minimum age is 13 years.

It is also cheaper and designed to carry less weight and, as a consequence, is suitable for children under 16. The rider’s maximum weight can reach 140 lbs and speed can reach 14 miles per hour. 

You can ride for 30 minutes on maximum speed, so the time of operation is also smaller. It is a great training mini electric bike. 

The training wheels can be purchased additionally, if your kid is only learning how to ride. 

Mini Electric Skateboard

Mini electric skateboards are known for their excellent portability (they can be carried in a backpack) and fast speed boosted by electric engine. Such skateboards are suitable for children and teenagers, as well as adults.

Let’s take a look at an amazing mini electric skateboard for children Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 – it weighs only 7.7 lbs and is almost 20 inches long. 

Since for lots of kids the weight of the skateboard becomes an issue, this mini electric skateboard is easy to carry and fun to ride.

In addition, the electric drive allows for acceleration up to 9.3 miles per hour and keeps it at that level. It means that a skateboarder only has to push off one time and the skateboard will do the rest of the work itself.

I’ve also found a great option for adults and teens – Electron Board Mini.

It is of course larger (25.6×8.7 inches) and weighs a little more (8 pounds), still that doesn’t make it too heavy for an average backpack. Its motor develops speed up to 12 miles per hour.

The battery life allows you to ride as far as 5 miles at maximum speed and then feel free to use it as a regular skateboard. Despite its size, this skateboard can withstand heavy loads thanks to the natural and durable material (mainly multiple layers of maple).

The last electric mini skateboard that is our honorable mention is Boosted Mini X. 

It is an option for skillful and enthusiastic skateboarders. 

This mini electric skateboard accelerates up to 20 miles per hour with almost no effort from the skater. It is lightweight, if compared to common skateboards: 16.8 lbs and 32.36 inches in length. 

The battery on this model is enough for 14 miles of continuous riding, and it only takes 1 hour 45 minutes to charge. The design is really great as well. Out of the three options reviewed, Boosted is the most visually appealing skateboard with its silver wheels and smooth surface.

Mini Electric Guitar

If a child wants to learn to play the electric guitar, it is not necessary to buy a full sized one. The regular electric guitar will be too huge and bulky for a kid, so mini electric guitars are the best choice. 

This Fender Squier is 22.75 inches in length which is about which is about  ¾ of the body length of a child 6-12 y.o. It means that the guitar was made with the right proportions in mind, to make sure it is comfortable to hold and play. 

The guitar has 6 strings, a sound amplifier, several mediators, a cable, a tuner, a belt and numerous videos with instructions. This model is different from a regular Fender guitar in size, but in terms of quality of sound and features it has the same standards.

Mini Electric Tools

Often, when you need to fix something in the house, you have to use bulky and heavy corded tools. As for me, I often postpone some tasks.  

It is just because the tool that I need to use is so inconvenient or the learning curve is never ending. I give up. But I still feel that I want to do things myself without calling contractors and overpaying. 

Nowadays lots of tools are available in electric and cordless versions, and it is a game changer: portable cordless vacuum cleaner, electric framing nail gun, dust saws. It makes the process easy and fast.

Mini Electric Sander

Many sanders require both hands to handle the job, which sometimes causes problems. 

However, mini electric sanders do the job and are comfortable to hold in one hand, leaving another hand free to adjust the pads or anything else.

Of course, the sanders can be different in terms of dust collection, and extension pads.

Some of my favorite models are SKIL SR232301 and WEN 6307.

If you compare these two mini electric sanders, you will notice that WEN weighs a little less: 2.4 pounds compared to 2.6. It is also much longer, perfectly suited for detailed work, and the extension can move vertically by 60 degrees.

The grit rating is 120, which is reasonable for a sander of this size. The pad on the extension can be replaced at any time even with more or less dense material. A 2-amp motor will suffice for almost any work in the house.

The SKIL model, on the other hand, has a slightly quieter motor – only 1.2 amps instead of 2. 

However, its compactness is an important advantage. The body part (ignoring the dust collector) is smaller than a palm of the hand. It fits perfectly in the hand, which allows for greater flexibility.

Otherwise, it is as good as its competitor. Both are low-noise, work with pads of the same density (in the basic configuration) and produce very little vibration. Why should one buy a full-sized bulky machine when you have such a compact and convenient tool?

Mini Electric Screwdriver

Small electric screwdrivers are not only smaller than conventional screwdrivers, but they also have an electric motor inside.  

Both of these models are 10 inches long and have the sets of interchangeable bits. These attachments can rotate, tighten or loosen a wide variety of screws.

Screwdrivers come at different prices, like these two. The difference in price depends mainly on the size of the battery and the rotational speed. 

The POWERGIANT model has a battery of 260 mAh and the Bosch competitor has a 1.5 Ah battery. This means that Bosch can run longer with more power. Bosch claims that their company is an absolute leader among mini electric screwdrivers, and it is really hard to find something remotely as powerful as this one.

Bosch has one of the strongest motors on the market – 6 power gears with a 3.6 V voltage. With power like that, the unscrewing is a matter of just a few moments. As you can see, the efficiency is much higher than with standard screwdrivers.

However, the POWERGIANT does not fall behind. 

Though it not as powerful as Bosch, it provides a lot of flexibility in a very fine detailed work like fixing smartphones or watches. 

It comes with 55 different bits, in addition to the magnetizer and magnetic cushion.

With such a kit, the mini electric screwdriver is ready to work with any object in the house. And, of course, it is battery-powered, just like its competitor. It only takes 30-40 minutes to charge the battery via USB.

Mini Electric Hoist

The hoists are usually huge, bulky and heavy. Non-electric ones are not effective enough. However, mini electric hoists make the best combination, being convenient to use and unloading our backs from tons of  stuff that can be hoisted electrically. 

I suggest taking a look at these two examples of mini electric hoists. 

The cheaper Partsam model weighs 25 lb and lifts up to 440 lb to a height of 19 ft (33ft if single-line).

It is more than enough for the residential use. By the way, the Partsam also comes with a sturdy belt and a perfect hook for heavy-duty two-line work. 

Of course, the main advantage is that the dimensions of this hoist are suitable for personal use, and it does not weigh too much.

As for the heavier and more expensive 36 lb Champion model, it handles up to 880 lb to almost 40 ft height. 

Power and efficiency like that can compete with an industrial-grade hoist in terms of quality, warranty, and power, but it is still lightweight enough to be carried by a person.

This factor should not be underestimated, because large industrial hoists are no use for residential tasks. They are complicated in transporting and are designed to lift way more than the heaviest object in your garage. 

Mini electric hoists are recommended for personal use only. 

Mini electric generators can be powerful enough to supply the whole house with electricity while there is power outage or storm. It is an important thing to own if you have a house.

This machine weighs almost 47 pounds, runs almost silently, easy to start, has a power of 1700 watts and fits easily into the car.

Mini electric generators have their array of advantages: great for outdoor activities, camping, RVs and small houses. Due to the size and compactness, you can connect household items or equipment anywhere.

The Generac 76711GP2200i cannot compete with large generators in terms of power, but it is a really convenient backup for a rainy day. 

Mini Electric Household Items

I value the clean space at home. Frankly speaking, I don’t like to see tabletops stuffed with devices and other things. 

Uncrowded space makes me feel comfortable. 

So, I always check if there is a possibility to optimize the way I use home electronics and devices. 

Due to the technological progress, I’m happy to have mini electronic devices with maximum effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some of the best mini electronic devices.

According to studies, a person feels most comfortable in the air humidity level between 40% and 60%. 

Such conditions help our body fight respiratory diseases most effectively. 

If the humidity of the air is well-balanced, our immunity works better,  mental performance is improved, and there is no extra heart overload.

Excessive humidity leads to issues with the house like mold and problems with lining and construction materials. 

This Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier weighs only 5 pounds and helps to maintain any humidity level in the room that you set. 

It is portable, so you can move it to specific places to better cope with the moisture at any part of the house.

The Pro Breeze Dryer can dry only 250 sq ft at the same time, but unlike a standard air conditioner, you don’t need to install, repair or deal with the noise. A special tank will show you how much water has been accumulated. Water reservoir can be removed like a vacuum cleaner’s dust collector.

You can take the Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier with you in a car or any other place with unpleasant high humidity.

Сlassic heaters are too massive and consume a lot of energy. This mini electric heater is small, yet powerful, weighs 5 pounds and is 10 inches in height.

The power is adjustable, and in addition there is an overheating protection, it will turn off automatically if something happens. 

Other benefits of this mini electric heater include long life (thanks to dust protection and durable materials), as well as 60-degree rotation. It is portable, you can put it right in front of you for maximum comfort. I love to put it near Slabway massage chair.

Unfortunately, it runs on cable and you won’t be able to take it outdoors, but you can turn it on at home for quick heating. 

It has an adjustable thermostat, which is a perfect option if you need to maintain the same set temperature for a long time. 

Mini electric fireplace

Fireplace, even electric one, usually takes a lot of space and costs a fortune. However, mini fireplaces are not inferior to their large versions in maintaining the temperature in the room.

Just take  look at these two beautiful examples: TURBRO and Lifesmart. 

These mini electric fireplaces are similar when it comes to power: they both produce about 5000 BTU.

It is quite impressive, because a standard electric fireplace doesn’t have way more power than mini models.

It is important to emphasize that the TURBRO weighs 15 pounds. This means that it can be moved to another room effortlessly, even with one hand.

The fire in the mini electric fireplace looks realistic. It is completely safe: you can control the temperature and it has overheating protection.

The main difference is the design. Fireplace TURBRO looks like an old-fashioned fireplace with black cast iron curved legs and with a door for firewood. It works with a cable, and will suit any interior due to its black finish and clean lines. 

Its competitor Lifesmart weighs much more, but it hardly differs in the total space it takes. It weighs 40 pounds, which is still in the category of mini fireplaces. 

It is also easy to move and transport, and in terms of effectiveness both mini fireplaces are quite similar.

In terms of design, the Lifesmart mini electric fireplace has a different style – a heavy oak box with visible temperature switches, which has vibes of vintage TV. It is also safe to use. 

This electric fireplace will look good in a rather classic interior or log cabin due to its wood elements. Overall, this fireplace will suit people who are looking to add cozy atmosphere and warmth to their house. 

Since the mini electric fireplaces do not take up much space, they will fit into tiny apartments combining design and function.


If you cook, you know that no matter how many drawers you have, it is never enough. So, it is important to have miniature cooking ware at hand.

In this case we are looking into cooking ware that is small and powered by electricity, which is handy if you travel. 

In order to boil water quickly, you do not need to fill the kettle with water that you will not use. 

Mini Electric Kettle

In addition, electric kettles are often uncomfortable and too heavy.

I have two perfect examples of mini electric kettles to prove that you can quickly boil water and save time, energy and money.

The 555-milliliter kettle from Loutytuo not only boils water in record time, but it is also incredibly convenient to store. 

After emptying the kettle, it can be folded into a disc and put into a storage. In addition, the water will be constantly heated if its temperature reaches 75 degrees, so the water does not have to boil again.

As for technical specifications, the kettle can be switched between 110 and 220 V, which is useful if you deal with different power sources. The kettle is made of safe food grade silicon and the power is 700 W.

Bodum Bistro kettle has the same power (700 W)  and similar voltage (120 V). 

Mini Electric SMEG Retro Toaster

This SMEGG toaster is made in retro style, has round and beautiful handles as well as polished, chrome design. Apart from it being attractive on the countertop, it is well-built, has an excellent quality of construction and does its job well. 

img 2

The most important thing: it toasts the slices evenly on both sides! Defrost mode and bagel feature were a nice surprise. Also, one of the essential benefits is that it is really easy to clean the crumb tray, due to springs that help to lift it. It is an amazing choice for a compact kitchen.

Mini Electric Skillet

Mini electric skillet is an amazing thing, since you no longer need a stove to cook something. Here we have a list of three items that are the best in the category right now. 

Mini  electric skillet from Dezin, allows you to fry and cook almost anything. Due to its small size, Dezin cooks food much faster. You can cook for two people with such skillet. 

If you don’t need to cook for more than two people then storing huge skillets that you rarely use is not a space savvy choice for you. 

In addition, the surface of the frying pan is easy to clean and it is effectively protected from overheating. It will be difficult to damage it.

A frying pan from Nesco is a little cheaper. It is suitable for frying and stewing things, but that’s all.

It has the same weight as Dexin skillet, but it is 3 times larger in volume. 

Nesco mini electric skillet can be easily taken outdoors with the mini generator that I showed you above. 

The main advantage of this skillet is that it cooks a lot more food without taking up much space in the kitchen. It is just the right choice if you were looking for a small portable grill.

The third electric mini skillet is from Elite Gourmet. Being a little over 6 lb in weight and just under 1 L in volume, Elite Gourmet allows you to roast almost anything. 

This mini skillet is the most convenient in terms of storage, because it can be divided into three separate parts: the base, the grill and the glass lid.

However, even when assembled, the Elite Gourmet takes up very little space. 

One amazing innovation is the ability to wash it in the dishwasher. This is the result of its small size, the ability to disassemble it into pieces and the choice of materials that are safe for the machine.

Mini Electric Griddle

It is a game changer if you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen and need to cook for 1-2 person.

I love mini griddles because they are really efficient, since most of its surface is the area of cooking. 

It is really durable, has a heat control and easy to clean. 

I recommend considering two models: Presto and Zojirushi. 

The Zojirushi model is more expensive ($139 vs. $48), larger and heavier.

Despite being less portable, it has some undeniable advantages backed by Zojirushi name. These include quality ceramic coating, even heat distribution, wide cooking area, lid, and lots of temperature control settings. 

Since it is safe to use and has a lid that is separate, you can serve the mini griddle on the table while the food is still sizzling. 

The Presto mini electric griddle is more affordable.

It is rather small: 4 X 4 X 8 inches. However, it will perfectly cope if the task is to cook something fast. It has no lid, but two handles like a tray on the sides. It has a non-stick coating and is really easy to clean. 

As you can see, quality mini electric goods can give you just the right amount of comfort by optimizing your storage and paying less for almost the same functionality.

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 If you loved something from the list, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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