Everything You Need to Know About Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair

The healing effect of a properly done massage is undeniable, but it is not always possible to visit a massage room. Can a massage chair replace a masseur?

As soon as I hear the word “massage” I’m instantly transferred to a cozy room, with the aroma of massage oils flying in the air and sounds of soothing music. I imagine myself lying down on a comfortable couch, while an experienced massage therapist is doing pure magic, helping my body truly relax.

It’s wonderful, isn’t it? But can you often take massage sessions? There are actually a lot of obstacles like regular lack of time, inability to schedule, lockdown, or social distancing, so many issues deprive us of an opportunity to relax and restore muscle tone with a professional.

Being on a lockdown I got interested in the way I can boost my blood circulation, since as many of us I’d been spending most of my time at home.

I started working out at home to make that blood pumping. At the end of the day, I was stressed, had sore muscles, and no prospects for a good mood for tomorrow. I started searching the web and stumbled upon an article on Fliist website about a Slabway Shiatsu massage chair and foot massager. Both massagers work according to the Shiatsu technique.

Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Back in the 60s, the Japanese created the first massage chair that was a real innovation at that time. Of course, it was cumbersome, low-functional and inconvenient, but even then, in its first version, Japanese engineers had based its functionality on a unique manual technique called Shiatsu. This method applies pressure to the specific biologically active points of the body.

Slabway massage chair turned out to be no worse than human touch massage but actually surpassed the professional masseur.

An experienced specialist will always start by finding out the specifics of our body, by assessing muscle tone, by finding problem areas, and only then will begin a massage session.

How Does Slabway Massage Chair Work

The procedure should begin with identifying problem areas, pick the optimal massage mode, whether it’s a roller, air compression, or kneading.

Slabway massage chair includes the following types of massage: Shiatsu, full-body stretching, vibrating, rolling, air massage, heating, and kneading. It is quite a heavy-duty massage chair, but it is customizable and can really help with pain in the back.

You can choose the volume of the procedure and massage any part of the body, from hands to shoulder joints, and continuing on – shoulder belt, back, thighs, shins, and feet. In addition, it has an amazing bonus as heating. I can imagine people who have to deal with Chicago winter coming back home welcomed by warmth and relaxation in the massage chair.

How to Use the Slabway Massage Chair

You are going to click the green button to turn it on.

You can choose any set mode on the remote control or click on customization and choose the program for yourself. In addition, you can stretch out in the Zero Gravity mode and get some extra relaxation. When you think it is enough, just press the turn-off button and the chair will gradually take the sitting position.

The chair has the S-rollers in the back; they follow the curve of your spine. It means they are going from the neck all the way down to your lower back. The airbags are going to massage your shoulders, forehands, and hands. You’re going to feel the airbags on hips, underneath your legs on calves and feet.

Slabway’s chair really feels like palms of the hands, rather than rollers. It has leg extension, so it is a good massage chair for tall people.

Slabway Foot Massager

It is a small version of the big chair that specifically works on your feet. Slabway Shiatsu foot massager is portable and affordable. It has become a perfect solution to tackle foot pain and sore muscles, blood circulation issues, and cold feet. A foot massager can become an amazing present for anyone who experiences any type of discomfort or foot pain.

How Does Slabway Foot Massager Work

It has 4 programmed modes that massage your feet and calves. Due to rolling and kneading paired with air massage, it feels like a human touch. The procedure is gentle, relaxing, and helps relieve tension after a long day of walking, standing, or sitting.

How to Use the Slabway Foot Massager

Push the button on the remote control to turn on the Slabway foot massager. There are 4 programs that were already set (P1, P2, P3, P4). You can press the field Custom to work through selected feet are toes, sole, arch. The buttons for speed and direction will add more flexibility to the customization of your choice. 

The massage chair will be suitable for the traditional and contemporary interior, as well as for the interior in dark tones. It won’t look bulky if you put a small rug, coffee table, or floor lamp to make sure it is integrated into your interior.

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