Kids Tent: Teepee and Play Area Decor

Today I am glad to show my take on a play area for kids! With most kids now out of school for lockdown more of us have our children at home more hours each day. It’s a daily struggle to keep them occupied, but it’s easy to create a fun, simple space just for them to read, pretend and play.

I chose a kids teepee tent, there were few options that I really wanted, but I bought the one from Target, and below you will see the other options I considered buying. You will see a cotton kids tent, it was my primary option due to its natural fabric and hypoallergenic features, but I loved the design of this one more and it is natural as well. I might buy and decorate other kids’ play tent and playing area when they grow out of this one. 

Kids Teepee Tent

The teepee is fun and my kids are immediately drawn to the sort of areas that involve crawling or hiding. Kids tent instantly became the most popular space at home. It is also wide enough to pull over a twin bed so it doesn’t need to take up a lot of space either.

I love that this kids teepee tent has become an untouched place, my kids’ property, where they can play and set their own rules. It is a brand new world. 

I have considered kids tents with a padded floor mat but decided to put the fluffy rug and decorate it with pillows that are easy to change and clean. 

Inside I used a plush striped rug, pillow and quilt rolled up as a comfortable area to read or play on a tablet.

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Kids Play Room Storage Solution

I also really like these wooden crates that can be purposed a bunch of different ways but I used them as furniture, stacked up in an asymmetrical shape to stuff full with books, toys, comforter, and even a touch lamp.

I also found these paper mache animals in the craft section, which can be painted or decorated. Later, I came across cool wooden dinosaur sculptures that somehow suit the mood of the kids teepee tent. 

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Kids Play Area Furniture

Pillowfort has also added kid-sized furniture like this metal chair, this way not everyone is vying for a space in the teepee at once. Kids tent is based on wooden legs and the assembly was a fun and exciting process since they were anticipating their own kids teepee tent. I also think a small table would be a great addition, giving a surface for drawing or building.

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Kids Tent Decor Ideas

I’ve saved my favorite options of decor for teepee pillowfort or kids tent, kids playing areas, and nursery. I adore the leaf-shaped rugs, it will be amazing for the Thanksgiving theme next year and play-pretend in the woods. 

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