10 Most Stylish Women’s Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials from Natural Fabric

Despite common opinion, minimalism in design provides a lot of flexibility for self-expression. The same applies for fashion. It is easier to express your true self, if your clothes emphasize only the points you want others to see, instead of grabbing everyone’s attention.

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I love the beauty of subtle things. It has some romance to it. Somehow wearing oversized clothing makes others actually see you. I hope you get what I mean. The eye concentrates on intrigue, on what’s hidden, on shape and texture.

I’m all about the texture right now. Magically, it makes eyes wonder how it feels if you touch it. It feels nice, because the materials are natural.  

This post will be about women’s minimalist wardrobe essentials with subtle beauty, esthetical twist, and most important beautiful texture.

Maxi linen dress that protects you from heat. Linen tends to wrinkle, and I would suggest not to iron out wrinkles, because it is about effortless chic and natural material is natural. If you wish, you can accentuate your waist if you feel like it, I adore rather a loose look. This dress pairs great with flats and sandals in addition to massive earrings, or absence of ones.

I loved the texture of this pullover. It needs to be styled properly. I would go with beige pants or silk maxi skirt to add contrast only in textures, but the pieces of clothes would look better if they are in the same color. Total beige with contrast in texture.

This dress is pure love. It needs some white snickers and a minimalistic earring and you are good to go. It is cuddly, soft, comfortable and minimalistic. Such maxi dress would be perfect if you have cold winters, since it is a great foundation for layering.

Another linen dress, but more fitting one, with accentuated waistline. I love this one, because it seems extremely comfortable and versatile for summer and fall if layered with a leather jacket.

To continue my love letter to linen, this dress is absolutely lovely. Apart from being breathable, with natural fabric and sleek design, it drapes in a beautiful way and this model has a great subdued color palette that won my heart. I cannot imagine any place I wouldn’t wear it.

Long dress from pressed silk. It is a perfect option if you deal with heat all the time. You can wear it as a layering top piece, or as a single item. I love the way it flows and drapes. Taking into account the texture of this silk dress, I do not add any accessories, only a few minimalist necklaces in gold-tone.

Take a look at other designs that caught my eye:

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