Minimalist Jewelry: Abstract, Chains, Dainty, Surrealist Pieces

I wear minimalist jewelry all the time. It is the right accessories that can decorate even the most basic outfit. First and foremost the jewelry should complement the look. It can be bold, but should not overshadow the person who is wearing it. All Blues is an excellent example of bold, yet dainty jewelry that is timeless.

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All my jewelry is universal for any occasion: it looks equally good with an evening dress, as well as with minimalist total black outfit.

I do love modern minimalist jewelry trends. Since I’m a minimalist enthusiast, it is interesting to watch how the minimalism evolves. In jewelry, it takes rather an artsy turn, becoming abstract, surrealist, bigger or more masculine. Still, it feels composed and refined. It doesn’t distract all the attention from you, but highlights your taste and fits your personality. 

I’ve selected jewelry I loved the most and plan on buying to add zest to my outfits. 

Minimalist Earrings: Abstract and Uneven Shape

Minimalist and Brutalist Rings

Rings with clean design, sharp edges and brutal look as well as women’s watches will only emphasize the tenderness of your hands. It is all about that precious contrast. The same applies for link necklaces and chokers.

Chain Necklaces

The trend for massive chains and links has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row, decorating both bags and shoes, and becoming the main element of looks in spectacular necklaces and bracelets. It has a rough and masculine vibe, which makes monochromatic looks feel visually complete. It is a perfect self-care gift.

Minimalist Chain Bracelets

Dainty Chain and Pendant Necklaces

Abstract minimalism includes composed fantasy jewelry that combines unusual curves, paradoxical solutions, and fabulous elements. Still, it is more about shape and texture and it can become an excellent staple element in your everyday look. 

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