15 Best Women’s Watches Under $100 for Any Occasion

I have long been a fan of the minimalistic approach in clothes and accessories. However, I always loved watches because it is a simple way to accentuate dainty wrists without being as obvious as a bracelet. I’m for a smart approach when purchasing accessories, and I believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a worthy timepiece for every occasion. 

Being blessed to live in the 21st century we can get the best affordable women’s watches that are stylish, have decent quality, and a wide range of functions for under $100. The variety of models can sometimes cause a mixed feeling of both admiration and confusion. I am always wondering how come that such different models in style, detailing, and material can catch my eye. I need to consciously stop myself from buying everything at once because I want to stay mindful and consistent in my personal style. 

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So instead of thoughtless shopping for everything at once, I try to sensibly and prudently evaluate the way watches look is compatible with my style. I purchase clothing from natural fabric like cotton and linen, to ensure maximum comfort and durability, so I can be mindful and sustainable in my style. It is important to take into account where and how often you are going to wear this watch and how much of the rest of your clothing goes well with it.

However, everyone deserves to have an additional category for your watches. It is called ‘treat yourself’ when you like something very much, even though you might fail to rationally judge the compatibility with your outfit sets. So, in order to avoid any mistakes in this precious category, let’s take a look at the best women’s watches under $100. 

Women’s smart watches under $100

Though women’s smartwatches are a great help when it comes to staying fit and healthy, they cannot do it instead of us. But they can serve as nice reminders not to be late to a Zoom meeting, to stay hydrated, and sleep soundly for 8 hours. 

In addition to that most women’s smartwatches have sharp design and a wide color range backed by great functionality. I have found several cool models from well-known brands that can boast of the amazing prices for all that goodness. 

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  • Long battery life, sleek design.
  • Some users had problems with a pedometer.

Amazfit women’s smartwatch in simple and clean white design, with GPS, 12 sport modes, heart and GPS tracker, and precise sensors. It also can be synced with your smartphone so you will get notifications and reminders. It is water-resistant (not suitable for diving though) and works 12 days without charge. Those who actively use this women’s smartwatch say that it is 10 days with active use. 

  • Quality design
  • Readability.
  • Not too ‘sporty’. 
  • Might not suit large wrists. 

Skagen women’s watches are more delicate in design which allows you to wear them going out, casually, at work, or to school. It is a perfect option for women with delicate wrists or for those who believe most smartwatches to be rather bulky to one’s taste.

Best Women’s Running Watches

The main problem with women’s running watches is that it is rarely really made to fit woman’s wrist. Lots of manufacturers prefer to change the color of the band to a pinkish color palette and that’s it.

However, it is often not enough for the comfort fit of the smartwatch during the run. If the screen is too bulky or the band doesn’t adjust correctly to the wrist, it creates tangible discomfort in the movement, so the usefulness of the smartwatch shrinks drastically.

Most running watches are equipped with step trackers, heart monitoring, sleep and activity trackers, and notifications. Despite the wide range of functions and running watches’ popularity, it is possible to find affordable running women’s watches. 

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Photo: Andres Urena

I found a few models that are balanced in design, functionality, purpose and the price is currently less than $100. These running watches are suitable for basic functions that runners need, heart rate monitoring, pace, GPS, training intensity. If you are looking for something more advanced, you might want to look for pricier or professional models. 

  • All the basic functions are included, activity tracker, heart rate tracker, step counter, calories, and distance trackers.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Smart design and wide color choice – 4 options.
  • Users admitted some problems with connectivity and adjusting to your pace in real-time.

Fitness watches for women from Garmin, a well-established brand of GPS and running accessories. 

  • It has a sensor that monitors the oxygen level in blood.
  • The smart tracker keeps track of heart rate, sleep, and activities.
  • It is small and delicate, almost unnoticeable on your wrist. It is a great option for women who prefer a minimalist approach when it comes to accessories.
  • Battery life is great, you won’t have to charge it daily.
  • The screen is small, so it is unsuitable for notifications.
  • Sometimes it counts lying on the couch as sleeping time.
  • Not suitable for runners, since there won’t be enough functionality.

This Garmin watches is made specifically for fitness and health tracking.

  • Price.
  • The Fitbit smartwatch is waterproof and actually tracks your swimming automatically.
  • The activity tracker is precise and especially the heart rate tracker.
  • Battery life is up to 5 days without recharging.
  • It is small, the amount of functions is limited.
  • The strap should be changed once in a while.

Fitbit watches for women are really famous as the top choice among fitness trackers. It has a dainty design, few color options and looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Best Casual Women’s Watches Under $100

I believe that casual women’s watches should be as universal as possible. I can wear them going for a walk with a child, at work or going out. They can be classy, but not limit my clothing xhoices only to a single style. 

Your choice of casual depends on your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle or you love sport, you will need one set of functions, if you want to look sharp and watches are rather an accessory that finishes and makes your outfit look put together – that’s another set of functions. First, define what your own ‘casual’ is and it will be way easier not to buy something useless. 

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Photo: Kyle Cut Media
  • Stainless steel watch won’t lose its flawless hue due to rust.
  • High-quality construction.
  • DKNY watch under $100.
  • Medium size case and adjustable links.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Some customers claimed that they didn’t like the finish.

Simple and beautiful women’s stainless steel watch from DKNY. High-quality watch that is suitable for everyday wear. The design is classy, yet modern and appropriate for a woman of any age. The steel gold finish is universal for any skin tone.  

  • The case is big enough to be easily readable, the strap is adjusted easily.
  • Water-resistant.
  • It will complement most of the outfits without being too obvious on your hand.
  • This stainless steel watch will become an amazing gift for any woman.
  • It is an ultimate classic women’s watch from Michael Kors that balances timeless design with sophistication and good value. 
  • Might look too polished if you aim for an ‘effortless chic’ look and the case might feel bulky on a delicate wrist.

Michael Kors women’s watch with timeless design, with a high-quality tan leather strap. 

  • Clean shapes, monochromatic color, and overall amazing design.
  • The bands are interchangeable, which is cost-efficient.
  • Water-resistant, but not suitable for diving.
  • Skagen women’s watches are lightweight and perfect for slim wrists.
  • This model is available in many colors but only with a silicone strap.
  • Though the watches claim to be water-resistant, users disprove that.
  • In order to keep it in good condition, you need to take the watch off when showering, swimming, actively washing hands or dishes.

Skagen women’s watches in a minimalistic design. One of the best women’s watches under $100 out there due to its versatility.  It has a clean and sleek design in multiple colors. The watches are affordable and the wide range of color choices backed by quality makes it really hard to resist buying several Skagen watches in this modern design. 

  • Great women’s watch for wear and tear.
  • The digital time is easy to read, it has a date and pre-set calendar, backlight.
  • It is antimagnetic, which is perfect for anyone who is working in a clinical, hospital, or radiology setting.
  • In addition, it has a timer, stopwatch and is waterproof.
  • This Casio G-Shock watch looks really sharp and will be perfect for a woman with an active lifestyle.
  • It is an oversized women’s watch that can catch on sleeves.
  • Also, the backlight is weird, it lights up not from the background, but rather from the bottom of the case.

The new casual look from iconic Casio watches brand. I understand that not only classy designed women’s watches can be called casual, so this model is perfect for sport chic outfits and is pretty functional for daily wear.

  • Great value for the price.
  • Likable design paired with stainless steel construction.
  • The thin metal strap looks amazing with the iridescent bezel.
  • The design and functionality are really on point here.
  • A nice choice for tiny wrists. 
  • Some customers experienced an issue with battery change after a year or two of use.

Now that’s a classy Skagen watch under $100 with an elegant and simple design. They are small and delicate, beautiful but not flashy. 

  • The collection has 3 colors. It is one of the most stylish models among women’s gold-tone watches because it is truly versatile for numerous outfits.
  • The stainless steel construction ensures quality for those who are rough with watches.
  • The watch has an elegant, casual design with details that add roughness balancing the sophistication of the item.
  • Overall, it is universal women’s watches with military time.
  • Might feel flashy for those who are not used to oversized women’s watches.
  • On average, users change the battery within one year after the purchase.

Nice statement watch under $100 from Guess. This model is a little bit larger than other watches from this list because this watch will look good on slightly bigger wrists and will highlight the delicacy of smaller wrists.

  • The bezel is scratch-resistant and is made of crystal.
  • It is a subtle and universal timepiece with a well-thought design.
  • Pink women’s watches are a nice final touch for the sport-chic or casual outfits. 
  • Long and wide strap will not suit everyone. 

Pink Lacoste affordable watch under $100 with laconic and minimalist design. Pastel pink is quite universal and can become an amazing color pop for your neutral outfits. The design was inspired by an iconic pink Lacoste polo shirt. 

Best Oversize Women’s Watches Under $100

In the past, the standard for women’s watches was for the case and bezel to be smaller than a woman’s wrist. You might remember small oval and dainty timepieces that made it hard to actually see the time. You had to get used to your watch to tell what time it is. 

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Photo: Jaelynn Castillo

I’m glad that these times are over and there is a huge variety of numerous watch models for any budget.

  • Big and bold black watch that can be a great statement on any hand.
  • The display is simple, everything is visible and it is a nice digital military time watch.
  • Though it is sleek and black, it is an attention-grabbing detail.
  • It is extremely durable: suitable for gym, shower, swimming pool, etc.
  • If you have a skinny wrist the 42mm case might not fit your wrist or be too bulky that it is impossible to wear it, so measure your wrist size prior to purchasing this one. 

It’s a large and slightly brutal women’s oversize Baby-G watch from Casio. It is a simpler and smaller model from the masculine version. I believe such an oversize watch under $100 can be a nice and stylish addition to jazz up romantic dresses and add some contrast to an outfit. 

  • Easy to read dial, due to the contrast case color and size the readability is on point.
  • Oversize women’s watches under $100 are easier to service later simply because the mechanism is larger and accessible.
  • This model is well-made and rough, yet it has a stylish look. 
  • Silicon strap might seem cheap in contrast to embellished navy and rose-gold case, but the strap can be changed.

Guess introduced a navy blue and rose gold oversize stainless steel watch that is perfect in terms of style and size. 38 mm case size is on a lower end among oversize watches under $100, but it is a worthy pick.

  • Great value for the price. It is a statement piece on any wrist and will suit casual and office outfits.
  • Imitates diving watches with rotating bezel.
  • The stainless steel case makes it look polished, cool, and effortlessly chic.
  • A perfect gift for a person who seems to have everything.
  • Will need an adjustment to your wrist.
  • Might look bulky and the blue and pink design trim on the case makes it less universal.

Fossil women’s watch under $100 with sleek stainless steel design. A classy option among oversize women watches. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best affordable women’s watches under $100. If you loved a certain timepiece, let me know!

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