Vintage Decor & Interior Design Ideas: Furniture and Accessories

Vintage decor in modern interiors provides elements of style and uniqueness that make your house truly one of a kind. Adding something vintage will help you jazz up your interior with something unknown to your eye. 

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to introduce vintage accessories into interior design is to upcycle the furniture or items that you already have. Fix it, repaint it, think about changing the purpose of the product, for example, an old bar cart can become an amazing place to store and showcase things. 

You can also easily find decoration that is new, but has a vintage vibe or stylistic to it. Midcentury modern style is really hot right now and you can still find genuine vintage on the web or at your grandma’s attic. 

I have several examples on how to incorporate vintage accessories for the interior into modern lifestyle. 

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

The easiest way to add a vintage vibe to the modern interior is to choose a vintage Moroccan rug or a new one with a retro feel and effortless chic. It easily blends into any interior and will serve you for years to come. 

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Vintage Bar Cart

It can be used as intended, for storing and transporting drinks and adding a surprise element to any party. Otherwise, it can serve as an amazing shelf to store books, candles, food, fruit, decor, flower pots and anything you wish. Vintage bar carts are easy to add to any interior and remove if you are tired of it. 

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Vintage End Table or Side Table

Small coffee tables in midcentury modern style are great for those who love minimalism and quirky shapes. Interesting geometry in detail can easily become a staple of your living room

I love side tables in painted wood, as well as in natural unprocessed finish.

Vintage Modern Vases

Blue glass and tinted glass vases that remind bottle or some vessels provide an exquisite and sophisticated look to your interior, emphasizing flowers and without dragging all the attention on the vase itself. It is a perfect element to any interior. 

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Vintage Style Sofa

It is important to remember that in most cases if the room is not spacious enough, the sofa will be the defining element and if you choose a vintage-style sofa, it will attract most attention when coming to the room. Lots of vintage models are still really popular, like upholstered Chesterfield sofas, or Camel Back type. If you want to add some color to your white or monochromatic interior – a colorful retro sofa will be a bold and stylish move.

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Vintage Art Deco Shell Chair

Continuing the topic of furniture, one of the most exquisite and fancy chair pieces is the Art Deco shell chairs. The shape appeared in the 1920-30s and up to these days, it is still fancy and provides an interesting detail to light and eclectic interiors. 

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Vintage Table Lamp

Table lamps are really easy to blend into any interior. If you love to mix things, a table lamp can be used as a source of light and décor staple at your entrance. If you happen to find a pair of retro lamps, it would be a good idea to place them at the corners of your vanity table.

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Midcentury Modern Chair

It is chic, modern with a slight vintage vibe. Such chairs have a very sturdy frames, so they are flexible when it comes to remodeling. The shape of the chair is clean and sharp, which is perfect for a minimalist interior. Just choose the color of the upholstery. 

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Sputnik Chandelier

Usually, sputnik chandeliers don’t need any introduction. They became popular on the Midcentury modern revival wave. We are discovering more and more design opportunities with this type of vintage chandelier. It has simple shapes, yet creates a complicated image. Vintage sputnik chandeliers will suit midcentury modern inspired design and modern maximalist designs.

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