12 Best Velvet Sofas on the Market

Velvet sofas offer way more than a regular couch. A good, high-quality velvet sofa provides an incredible tactile experience paired with outstanding looks. It’s no wonder French kings loved silk and velvet futons.

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Best Velvet Sofas on the Market

Velvet sofa will be a staple at your living room. It is a perfect element to jazz up any space and add color if you were looking to introduce another accent to the room

Modern velvet couches don’t have to be extremely expensive in order to look and feel expensive. The quality and durability of fabric is adjusted to modern needs.

However, prior to purchasing such furniture, you need to take into account your lifestyle, and especially pets.

If you have pets, you will get tired of maintaining the sofa clean and not damaged. Of course, you can use covers and throw blankets, but it diminishes the purpose and beauty of the sofa itself. 

It is also important to remember that velvet is a rather light-sensitive fabric and it tends to fade a little if exposed to sunlight. If you have a room filled with light (which is great!) you can just throw blankets on the side that is more sunlit.

As for the color choice, blue velvet sofa looks amazing in almost any interior with a white, beige, gray, or dark color base. The same applies to the green velvet sofa. More and more people tend to buy pink or ivory velvet futons to add more space or make the interior look more inviting and cushy.  

Velvet couches are available in numerous designs, from classic Chesterfield sofas to Midcentury modern and minimalist couches that will suit any taste. Tufted velvet couches are attention grabbers, so you might want to balance it out with a calm interior. A lot depends on the color of fabric that you choose, but anyway, the velvet couch looks impressive and is pleasant to touch that’s for sure.

How to clean a velvet couch at home?

You can do it regularly with a vacuum cleaner and soft brush. To avoid compression of velvet couches you can regularly steam them with portable steamers. To clean grease or food stains first check the instruction on how to handle the fabric from the manufacturer, and if nothing is there you need to soak the grease or liquid with a napkin and then apply a mixture of water with a few drops of liquid soap to make it foamy. Apply the foamy mixture, and then make sure to soak it with napkins until it’s almost dry. 

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