Kitchen Corner Storage Tricks 2021

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Kitchen Corner Storage

Kitchen corner storage is a perfect way to use that space that is usually not optimally utilized. It is a must-have for tiny kitchens and for those who cook actively at home and would appreciate some extra drawers.

You can buy an actual storage cabinet and put it in the corner or plan it when remodeling the kitchen.

One of the best ways is to build a corner storage cabinet up to the ceiling, so you can have as much place as you need.

Take into account, that it might take away some spaciousness and breeziness of the kitchen interior. But if your countertop area is big enough, additional storage space will not hurt.

Corner Cabinet Organizer

One of the best shapes of the corner cabinet organizer is a kidney-shaped one. It uses a maximum of the storage space and rotates, allowing you to reach all the items within. You can put mini-electronics that you rarely use there as well.

Corner cabinet organizers let see all the items clearly and organize them in an accessible way. That’s why I opt for transparent corner organizers or for the steel racks.

The white corner organizers can be used not only inside the cabinet but also placed in the corner of the counter as an improvised counter shelf.

Kitchen Sink Organization

I hate the clutter around the kitchen sink. Every time I organize it, make it clean and free from an abundance of plates and leftovers, it literally takes less than a day to turn into some sort of mess.

I’m all about a minimalistic approach, so I tried to keep my countertops empty, but in the case of the kitchen sink, I need some organization system that will make it more comfortable to keep the sink area clean. That’s what I came up with the best kitchen sink organization.

I love the white one, it looks sharp in any interior. The corner over-the-sink shelves are amazing because they use a passive wall area and make the space visually cleaner.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves are an amazing design feature that is functional and decorative. Open shelves are a standard choice now. It can be paired with closed shelves or used independently.

You might prefer floating kitchen shelves, corner shelves, or open shelves, decorating them with flower pots, herbs, canisters, spices, and containers.

It is an affordable and stylish solution because it opens a myriad of styling choices for your kitchen and saves money on extremely expensive cabinetry

Floating Kitchen Shelves

From the functional perspective, floating kitchen shelves are a good way to mix lower kitchen cabinets with floating shelves without brackets or exposed fasters, providing a clean and sleek look to your interior.

Floating kitchen shelves can be used for utensils or plate storage, but you can also spare them for purely decorative purposes, you place vases, sculptures, or pictures there.

Open Shelves Kitchen

Open shelving in the kitchen influences kitchen décor the most. Make sure to hang them so there is enough space between the open shelves, so it looks light and breezy. This trend for open shelves in the kitchen has become a modern classic.

I prefer built-in open shelves that go up to the ceiling, due to maximum space optimization. If you are using a mix and match approach, when you have regular cabinets at the bottom and the top, adding few open shelves, you have a lot of flexibility with your kitchen design. 

Open shelves are an amazing idea if you have some space in the kitchen that is uneven, odd or impossible to use for a regular cabinet. You can hang an open shelf there and still use the space.

What to Put on Open Kitchen Shelves

Open kitchen shelves are great for showcasing your decoration elements. Especially if you love to collect dinnerware, glasses, vases, art, and even beautiful containers or canisters.

You can also put your vintage mugs or lovely salt and pepper shakers there. I love to see framed family pictures on the open shelves. 

Here are some ideas on what to put on open kitchen shelves:

Hope you’ve found some of the ideas about kitchen corner storage useful. Let me know in the comments below!

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