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This past week of being mostly sedentary with the baby has been nice. I mean, it's necessary to recuperate and to get used to another little person in the house but it also has me appreciating really simple pleasures. One of those things is candlelight, especially now in the darker Winter days. It's so soothing and peaceful to have candles burning and I've had at least one lit in every room of the house all week. The lotus candleholder above was sent to me by Finnish BEdesign as a gift and I love the shadows it creates when lit. The others are from H&M, Lotta's store and Hay.


I sit a lot in my favorite chair by Muuto while nursing Elin. It's made even more comfortable by my oversized sheepskin. I've also had a chance to catch up on some magazine reading, the latest issue of Kinfolk is beautiful.


Having some fresh flowers and greens around the house does so much to lift my mood and keep the house feeling fresh.


I have wanted fresh fruit non stop since Elin was born. Among my favorites are strawberries and pineapple!


It's hard to put Elin down, I could hold her all day (I am right now btw, and typing one handed!) or carry her in a sling, but sometimes you just need a shower or need both hands free to get stuff done. 4moms sent this great Mamaroo for the baby months ago and now we get to use it. Elin is a big fan and we like that you can connect your iphone to it and play music, also it sits up or reclines so easily. It's really an excellent baby product that we'll use more and more as she gets older.


Being at home all week I haven't needed or wanted to wear make up. I spend so much time next to baby that I just want my skin to be hydrated and soft. This Camelia Nut cream is my favorite moisturizer. It smells wonderful but it also works! This coming from someone with really dry skin. I put it on in the mornings after a shower and it makes me feel so good. Simple right?


  1. I seriously love all the details & black and white them of your home. I feel like I've already said this on here but my goal is to one day have a home that's all black & white (but maybe with some gold/wood details as well)! You & your home are such an inspiration.

  2. Congratilations on baby Elin, what a wonderful name (my sisters name, also). Reading through your post makes me think of when my boy was little and it sure makes me jingle!

  3. Beautiful photos, as always.
    I've been needing to buy a new face cream so I'm going to check out that Aesop one!

  4. HI! I love your blog!! I've been looking for a sideboard with sliding doors for sooooo long.. Where did you buy yours?


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