Modern Jewelry: Modernist and Minimalist Pieces

Modern jewelry is like little sculptures that can be worn. Such jewelry participates in exhibitions and is sold in real galleries.

This trend brought together artists-jewelers, usually authors of avant-garde pieces, who rejected the traditional narrow concept of jewelry. The era of modern jewelry reached its peak in the 1960s and with the rise of minimalism popularity nowadays modern jewelry experiences a revival. 

What is modernist jewelry?

Modernist jewelry is characterized by its artsy appeal, extraordinary shapes that can be abstract or uneven. Modernist jewelry is often minimalist in design, has strong lines and might be massive in shape and size. Modernists associated themselves with other artists from the modern style in the middle of the 20th century. 

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They created self-sufficient works of art that were worthy competitors to the works of “high art” at gallery exhibitions and museum collections.  This is the development of the idea from Art Nouveau and other modern style representatives who treated jewelry like a small, but rightful work of art. 

But the modernist jewelry went further. Never before had the creators of jewelry been so free and daring in their choice of materials, expressive means, plastic and compositional solutions. 

They developed creative ways of processing stones and invented new fasteners for jewelry. Also, they experimented with gold: heated the metal and gave its texture an unexpected decorative quality using random shapes, they turned gold into very thin sheets and worked with them as with paper.

Modernist jewelry is especially interesting, since artists were unleashing their imaginative potential when trying new shapes and textures when working with metals. That’s why vintage modernist jewelry pieces are so popular among collectors. 

Modern and modernist jewelry will be a perfect addition to a neutral and minimalist outfit.

Modern jewelry has sculptural, organic shapes and high shine metals, these are a few of my favorite accessories to decorate your hair, wrists, and ears:

Gold Modern Jewelry

Silver Modern Jewelry

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