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Happy Saturday everyone. I'm up late and can't sleep so it seemed like the right time to edit and post these photos of our bedroom I took earlier in the week. We switched the bed and dressers to opposite walls and I like it much better this way, wish we had done it sooner actually.
Also, I keep thinking of getting a different bed. The Malm is nice because I can tuck our blankets into the sides really quickly but having a nice simple mattress with legs and no headboard sounds nice as well...but I can't decide.
Since we moved the bed around I took down the pipe shelf I made and the little wall mounted lights we had above the bed and have been using my light strand for a night light. Unfortunately that leaves the husband without a light for reading on his side (which he hates) so the DHS block lamp is improvising for the time being. I need to figure out some sort of lighting solution for him, so far my only thought is to put a larger table in place of the componibili and set a table lamp on top.
I should also mention the card hanging above the bed is from Julie Joliat, I love this set of cards she makes. The throw pillows are from West Elm, their woven texture is great but still soft. I covered our headboard with some black contact paper, it stays on well but won't damage anything when I peel it off. And lastly, that lovely yawning lady is from Sandra Juto.

Enjoy your weekend.

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