Extraordinary Scandinavian design in Berlin: Shop This Interior

A beautiful home that mixes deep gray finishes with lots of wood, leather and striking black lighting.

This house in Berlin was finished in September 2020. Most of the furniture pieces were custom-made. As you see, the main design motives include a lot of gray shades, wood and tan textures, and lots of natural light.

I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it. Every single detail is thought trough, stylish, and laconic.

The apartment is located in a palace complex surrounded by greenery in the suburbs of Berlin. During the GDR, the building served as a hospital, and after the fall of the GDR it became a ruin.

A few years ago, it was bought by private owners and renovated.

The idea of the project was to use classical equipment from the 1920s (Bauhaus) combined with Scandinavian elements and Polish accent.

During the project the owner started collecting midcentury Polish ceramics, which led to the creation of an interesting collection. Apart from vintage furniture, practically most of the wooden furniture in the apartment was individually designed for this project by Loft Kolasinski studio and made by a carpenter in Poland.

The bed in the bedroom with bedside tables, chaise longue and standing mirror in the bathroom and all wooden chests of drawers are all characterized by attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship.

Furniture from the epoch like chaise longue has been acquired for the project and renovated. The walls are decorated with ceramic plates designed by the best Polish graphic designers and Polish posters from the 50’s and 70’s.

I tried looking for similar interior details that can be found in the USA. It was extremely challenging, but I’m truly inspired by this design, so take a look at the interior design and similar items from this interior we all can access. 

Light Gray Bathroom

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Hanging Light Fixture Pendant

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Custom Full Standing Bathroom Mirror

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Scandinavian Design Lamp

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White Dining Area with Wooden Accents

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All-White Kitchen

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Tan Leather Sofa in the Living Room

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Gray Futon in the Living Room

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