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DIY: minimal wall hook


I recently bought this beautiful brass Himmeli from my good friend Melissa at AMRadio and wanted to come up with the perfect hanger for it. As it so happened I loved the one she used in her photo so I found a way to make something similar.

You'll need:
a wooden dowel
double sided screw
& some flat (I used Satin since it's what I had on hand) black spray paint.

Cut the dowel to the length you want, making sure it's long enough to hang your object away from the wall without touching.
Then you'll screw one end of the screws into the dowel, you might need to drill a starter hole first.
Once the screw is halfway through, paint it. After it's dry you can insert the hook/hanger into the wall and you're done!


  1. hello,
    could you please tell me where you have bought this white sideboard with the sliding doors under your tv?is it ikea?

  2. I really like your little and simple DIY.

  3. Love it - so simple, and smart!

    Have a nice day, sweetie!


  4. I too love the simplicity and clean lines of this hook. What would make it better for me ( especially if I use it outside, as it is windy where I live, is a groove or small cutout so that the cord or whatever has something to rest in and secure item) I love that you could paint it any color or have a nice row if them, natural wood, white, gray, black, or whatever colors...I really enjoy your blog and inspirations. Thank you.

  5. i want to put up different kinds of decor in my house but our house is over 100 years old and the walls/ceiling wouldn't be able to take it. :(

  6. Love this! So simple, but definitely makes an impact!

  7. I didn't know you could get a double sided screw. This opens up a multitude of possibilities. Love the dowel hook idea. I could get really excited about a row in different colors.

  8. So simple, but oh, so beautiful! Love it!

  9. You're so creative it's ridic ; )

  10. That hanger is so pretty. And how smart, that hook!


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