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my son's room, green wall


I mentioned I was going to paint my son's room with a mint green wall, and here it is. I love the way it turned out, it's my favorite part of the house right now, although it's rarely clean. By the way, this styling is by my daughter. She's a natural.
I wanted to take a few more photos but Elin hasn't been feeling well, still (and on her birthday!), so this is all I could manage.
In fact, I could say the above every day. Two kids at home is no joke! Super fun and rewarding but most days it's such an uphill climb to get things done.

Also! This great Playtime poster is from The Poster Club. It's bold and graphic and perfect for his room. They have one of the best selection of posters I've seen, by the way. If I had room for another calendar, it would be this one!

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