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looking forward


image | styled by Lotta Agaton photo by Mikkel Mortensen

I took an unofficial break these past couple weeks. Ideally I would have kept up with the blog everyday but it was nice to have some down time with the kids and family and since I'm only one person...a small break was necessary.
You might still be in the thick of Christmas celebrations, my husband's family is in Christmas mode until the New Year. I, however, am already looking forward.
I mentioned once before that I also write here, a few more how-to type of posts but I've also got some DIY's coming up! Remember how I used to have DIY's regularly on the blog? I doubt I will ever be doing them that frequently again but a few for the new year seems like fun to me.
Also, we are moving back to our house. The temporary place has been a nice break but we need to move back and finish a few projects around the house including some painting in my son's room a green wall, cement tiling, backsplash in the kitchen, a few floating book shelves and a bathroom makeover on a budget. I'll be sharing the process on my Instagram and here as well. I also have a great design collab in the works, though it might be premature to talk about it, I am very excited!

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