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if you're looking for a high chair...


You all know by now that we have another little one on the way. We got rid of almost all the baby furniture & gear we had from Israel so we're kind of starting over. Although a high chair won't even be used for the first several months, it's still great to get an idea of what's available. Here's a few I'm considering.
ONNI chair has this great feature of being able to seat baby around all 4 sides, so it's never turned backwards. I also like the Towerchair in black or white with leather. The thin metal frame is unusually sleek for a high chair and really stylish.
The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a classic high chair that converts as the child grows. I love that feature & the fact it doubles as a junior chair, can be used with a tray or just pushed up to a table. It also comes in quite a few colors. This Artek chair is a nice mix of color (seat back) and light, soft colored wood. It's stripped back shape is simple and unfussy and looks easy to clean.


  1. this Rinki-chair is beautiful too...Artek of course is one of my favourites ♥

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    me and my sister both had tripp trapps as kids, using them as high chairs when we were young and then as chairs at our desks as we grew older. we recently passed them on to our cousins. they really are great quality, I can only recommend them! the artek chair looks lovely, too.

  3. That Artek chair is beautiful! We need a highchair badly. Still trying to pick one thats not an ugly hunk of plastic, you know.

  4. The ONNI chair looks like you could convert it to a plant stand when baby doesn't need it anymore...yay for versatility!

  5. We have Onni chair. My baby doesn't need it anymore but my flower needs.

  6. I know you've been down this road before but I'll say that we have the Artek chair (casualty from the shop) and once Elodie could stand up, it was so over. We moved it to the cottage but she pretty much refuses to use it. We have the Stokke chair and she is ok sitting in it because it seems like a regular chair. Anyway, just saying because an expensive high chair is tough to salvage...[juli from mjolk]


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