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Sometimes my life gets so incredibly busy and chaotic, I feel like I could collapse. Between running the shop by myself, keeping up with blog posts (even as infrequent as they are at times) and being a mommy, taking care of my own home and just trying to get some sleep...coming up with blog articles or taking photos can feel daunting.
So I'm just uploading a few I took a while ago, that have no real meaning other than that I thought I'd post them. From our living room and dining table, the hydrangea came from my mom's yard.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!


  1. Oh need a vacation STAT!!! And these photos as always are lovely! I very much enjoy your framed image in photo one: Screw Perfection in deed!


  2. perfect as always! happy to see your blog posts when they come - however infrequent!

  3. I know this feeling. It will be better .). All blog and shop are so beautiful!

  4. your home its just amazing!!!

  5. Great photos and I love the items you have under the domes!

  6. I can understand the feeling, juggling many things that require full attention and energy is not easy. Hang in there!

  7. You should take a break, how busy must you've been :(

  8. OMG this is amazing! Where did you get the perfection print from? x

  9. Can understand the feeling, sometimes you wish you could ask for some more lives to live... I really love your pictures!

  10. Lovely photos and I know the feeling! The day should have more hours!

    Have a nice day sweetie!

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    Click on these links to see our full collection!!

    Hope to hear from you and have a great day!

    Danielle Hardy

  12. Awh hope you get a break soon! Beautiful photos.

  13. beautiful .. and yes, one feels
    truly overwhelmed at times.
    i have huge respect for those
    of you who have children on
    top of it all.. cudos.

    .. and i’m still trying to wrap my
    head around the fact that
    you are not swedish/ norwegian
    / danish & / or living in scandinavia..

    somehow you make me proud to
    be a citizen of the country of milk
    & honeylight .. *smiles*
    thank you for that, ~ & thank you
    for all the beautiful inspiration !

    x, h.


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