Some randoms

Sometimes my life gets so incredibly busy and chaotic, I feel like I could collapse. Between running the shop by myself, keeping up with blog posts (even as infrequent as they are at times) and being a mommy, taking care of my own home and just trying to get some sleep…coming up with blog articles or taking photos can feel daunting.
So I’m just uploading a few I took a while ago, that have no real meaning other than that I thought I’d post them. From our living room and dining table, the hydrangea came from my mom’s yard.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

AMM was created as a way to share my aesthetics with the world. Stunning interiors instigated my passion for beautiful, extraordinary, and simple shapes. I was largely influenced by Nordic design philosophy and AMM transitioned from a personal blog into my own collection of interiors, things, visual trends, DIY projects, lifestyle products, and observations. As an interior design aficionado, I would love to see like-minded people, so stay tuned!

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