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getting ready


by Deborah

Now that the dark nights and the seasons are changing, I keep finding myself looking at candles, lighting and extra textiles for my home. It can get so cold here in Scotland. When the seasons change I always feel I want to change the mood of my home and if I had some spare money lying around then I would certainly be picking these items up so that I can snuggle in style. It would certainly make those dark nights more bearable.

1.I have been lusting over this blanket from Mae Engelgeer for months, the strong graphic design on the textile would look great draped over any couch with the added bonus of keeping you warm.

2. I love prints and my wall space is slowly disappearing but Mini & Maximus have a great selection of strong monochrome prints, my particular favourite would be feather crown such a beautiful feminine print to gaze at.

3. This has forever been on my wishlist and most likely will forever stay on it, but I dream of one day owning the Bau Pendant lamp from Normann Copenhagen The shape and function of the light would have me staring at it for hours.

4. Maybe a little creepy for some but I love these Little Joseph candle stick holders by Maxim Velcovsky and think they would look great teamed with these geometric wooden candlesticks. There is always an over use of candles lit in the winter in our home. That reminds me I need to stock up!

5. Ever since I saw Jennifer's chain tape I have loved the design of it and would love this cushion to sit on my couch, plus I have a cushion obsession! I have so many but it's a great way to instantly transform a room.

6. Wouldn't this Muuto coffee table look great mixed in a monochrome interior? The natural materials gives a real Scandinavian look. My only concern would be my son would love to use the table as a train track, so it's probably best to get this when the boys are a little older.

7. To complete the room, I would love to own one of the Ferm Living wire basket the new collection is great from autumn/winter but I can really see this sitting in my living room filled with all the extra textiles.

I will always have a running wish list. How about you, do you dream of some new things in your home for the change in weather?


  1. I do! Have a wish list all the time, all the year, even in my sleep :) Love your choices!

  2. Those head candle holders are sooooo creepy... perfect for upcoming Halloween!

  3. Found your instagram and blog today and it made me really inspired!
    Saw this space today, maybe too cluttered for your taste, or maybe you'll like it.

  4. Triple love the candle holders (but all of it is pretty darn fab to be honest)!

  5. I love the Normann Copenhagen light, stunning.
    And the wire basket, so good, really want. You might have given me more to add to my growing wishlist :)

  6. Great selection! I have the Little Joseph candle holder and I love him. Visitors do sometimes comment that he's creepy but I find him sweet.

  7. Hello there! Great post and I have discovered that I can leave comments using my work computer but not my mac...weird! Love your wishlist! I have a wishlist too - as long as a very long thing!! Nice to have stuff to dream about and wish for (of course this is apart from world peace etc...naturally!!).

  8. Love both sets of candleholders - especially the Little Joseph even though he scares me a little bit! Great wishlist - inspiring stuff!x

  9. What a great wishlist... that blanket might just make it on to mine!


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