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shop news!


shop update!
I added several new pieces to the shop from the new collection I've been talking about!

The new pieces are all one of a kind, though I will make-to-order earrings and rings so that larger quantities can be made available.
It's been a slow progression from using just geo shaped beads and then adding some square & longer tube shaped beads to what I've just finished working on. The new necklaces & bracelets incorporate a bit of all the shapes I've used along with some new ones & in an entirely new set of colors to go along with it!
I love these statement pieces. They're each unique and bold but not overwhelming.
Nearly every piece in this new collection is ready to ship, which means no more long lead times...big yay!

I hope you all enjoy the newness, I've been anxious to get it posted. This is just a bit of it, I'll be adding more throughout the week too. :)


  1. These are so beautiful, not to mention the colour combinations which are superb!

  2. They are all totally gorgeous! Mine still hasn't arrived, rubbish post hey?

  3. So perfect! Oh, and your feature over on Emmadime is beautiful, too!

  4. Those rings of yours are so cute! I love that mint color :)

  5. What fun necklaces! :) Love it!

  6. I love the color dipped drop earrings and the bracelets.

  7. Those look FANTASTIC!!! Ooh i just love the colors!

  8. beauties! so fresh for a fresh season! keep on keepin on!

  9. Love it! You have all my support.
    I'm particularly in love with those necklaces:

    I might order one soon :) or maybe you would like to go for a swap? ( I could for example send you this:

    Let me know!

    Warm wishes & support,

  10. Love the fresh colours! Admiring your work!:)

  11. Lovely lovely lovely!
    And they go perfectly with spring, and with France's new president!


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