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Thank you to everyone for such a positive response to my jewelry. I've realized after spending the better half of last week filling orders, packaging and shipping that I wasn't quite making costs. As you read, I started these to help pay for doctor's bills both previous and future ones, so I can't exactly afford to lose money with this venture.
That said, I'm in an uncomfortable situation of needing to raise my prices slightly. Don't worry, they are still less than $10 a pair!
I've got some new shades of purple available along with some neon green and even black marbled ones, which I need to get up this weekend.
Again, I'm so grateful for such kind support.


  1. So beautiful! I am looking forward to the black marbled ones you mentioned! Wish you a nice & calm weekend, hope you can enjoy some family time!

  2. I was hoping some black marbled rings would pop up! Maybe grey or pink, too? ;)

  3. These are amazing! Sorry to hear about Israel, I hope this little venture helps you.

  4. I'm digging the purple and can't wait to see the neon?! I might have to go pierce my ears this weekend so I can wear them! Ha. Anyway, they're awesome and would be a steal even for $10.

  5. These earrings of yours are awesome! I'm loving the mocha colored ones! Beautiful blog btw :)


  6. Love that you're bringing in more colors! And don't ever feel bad for having to do what you have to do to make ends meet...

  7. Just bought a pair of the lavender, as well as a ring. LOVE them. You should raise the price more, they're totally worth it ;)

  8. LOVE these! They look really precious... if that makes sense... like they've just been discovered in a sparkly cave somewhere!
    Don't worry about your prices - we've all got to make a living and your work is lovely :)
    Best wishes for little Israel.

  9. praying for your sweet baby boy. headin' over to check out your awesome jewelry.

  10. I think you could charge $20 for them. I would pay that! They're really great!

  11. I once had a street vendor apologize for the price of silver going up as this year he had to charge $48 for a ring I was interested in. The same style of ring sells for $900 from a designer online. I was more than happy to pay his price. Don't apologize for raising your prices as a living needs to me made. Best wishes.

  12. i bought the purple ones! can't wait to wear them. :)!

  13. Don't worry about rising prices, girl!! You are charging zip and handmade prices should always reflect the effort that goes into it. I slowly raised my prices 50% after realizing I was making zero dollars at first. It takes some trial and error figuring that stuff out.

  14. I sell jewelry on etsy. I think for your earrings they should sell for about $18-22 a pair. And I think that is very fair. You have to figure in a little bit for labor.

    I love the purple it's so nice. I think aqua would be amazing as well.


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