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a Dutch home


Well, I think it's Finnish!?
Thanks to Kati, I now know it's Dutch!
In my opinion, the best part of this place is the kitchen. Bright white floors,
which seem so appropriate for a kitchen where you want to at least feel like it's
clean. The raw wood beams and counter tops go well with the very black wall and
white floor, could there be a better color trio?
There looks to be a large sky light in the kitchen area and what I wouldn't give
for a giant one in our kitchen where we have no windows or white floors. I think
it should be illegal to build a home with no natural light source in the kitchen.
If I could have it my way, I wouldn't even need to flip a light switch until late
into the evening, though that may involve moving somewhere with longer days and mild



  1. so beautiful and cozy! ♥

  2. I totally agree with you about the kitchen window thing. I have the same issue in my home and it's so depressing. I dream of a lovely bright, white kitchen with natural light :) I love the contrasting black backsplash in the kitchen here.

  3. This is gorgeous! But.. it´s not Finnish. This is a home of Dutch Inekke Visser. There is an article of her home in the latest Deko magazine.
    Really enjoy your blog ;D

    Beste wishes,
    Kati from Finland

  4. I really really love the fireplace!

  5. I NEED that footstool in my life!! :)

  6. I'm curious, will you ever give suggestion/advice about how to design a kitchen/living room?

    We got our first house..well last year, working with a strict budget and it's a fixer upper so just wondering since I've been following you and LOVE your sense of style, if I could e-mail you my photos of my kitchen (we're thinking of fixing up the kitchen some this Winter), what would you suggest as in color, texture, backsplash etc?

    It'd be awesome to get your input! I have my own idea, so does my hub (and they're completely opposite btw LOL), but you know, it's so good to hear from a person with your sense of style.

  7. Anonymous-
    I'd be happy to help you, send me an email with photos etc and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as I can!

  8. I love this feature! The whole space feels inviting yet still very stylish.

  9. Such an adorable home!

  10. Very nice and beautiful. Love the kitchen.

  11. love this home, warm, modern, and has So much charm. lovely home to decorate for Christmas!

  12. This home is amazing, and it has that perfect lived-in feel. I especially like the kitchen.

  13. so in love... i even shared it with mr twiggs, because he loves this kind of architecture and interior style! :) great great find! have a great week! p.s. i am delighting myself with your blog :) twiggs

  14. i NEED that foot stool in my life as well. can anyone suggest a pattern?

  15. Meadowlark-yes, right here


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