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Another Country


I had no idea I could like shaker pegs so much but the simple legs on these tables and
stools are gorgeous. Created in a way that eliminates wasted materials, these simple
yet familiar forms were designed after English, Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork.
I also love the kids table and chairs.


  1. Your posts are so gorgeous and the simple shaker designs can't be beat.

  2. simple and

  3. I just found your blog! I love, love, love your style! I like how shaker design can be incorporated into simple modern design and instantly becomes a new piece.

  4. Looks very calm and nice.

  5. LOVE these..Your picks always tend to blow me away...and this is so simply elegant and beautiful.

  6. these are beautiful! I have a vintage milking stool similar to these that I absolutely love. It also reminds me a bit of the KARLJOHAN stool at IKEA, which I meant to pick up on my last IKEA excursion but forgot. Oh how I wish IKEA wasn't an hour and a half away!!!

    in any case, you have a great eye!!

  7. clean and simple, I love it!


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