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leftovers & I can't help it


almond chicken
I can't believe it's already Monday.
We had an exhausting weekend. Israel was up almost all of
Saturday night and thankfully, my mom saved the day by coming
over at 3 in the am! Thankfully she lives near and is gifted
at getting my son to sleep when neither of us can. She's an
altogether amazing woman!
Since I only slept for the 4 hrs she was here watching Israel,
I was not in the mood to make anything fancy. We had chicken,
we had almonds and we had lettuce. I threw this together on a
whim and was surprised at how well it turned out.
I just pulsed the raw almonds in my bullet, coated the strips
of chicken in egg and then rolled in the finely chopped almonds.
And then I just made a salad. We'll probably be finishing up the
rest today for lunch!
Israel, 6 1/2 mos
The little guy who wears me out, doesn't seem tired at all.
Even when I'm so worn out, he's so worth it.

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