A Wide Open Kitchen in Pistachio Green

NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein06

In collaboration with Swedish fashion label Stylein, Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen for the fashion label’s founder. Using the quintessential Scandinavian clean lines the space is composed in light ash, milestone countertops, pale green, and minimalist shapes.

“The Nordic minimalism, the clean lines and soft colors are the core of everything we do here at Stylein. Our collections should live for a long time, be timeless and leave the lightest possible footprint on world resources, values I also share with Nordiska Kök.”
-Elin Alemdar, founder of Stylein

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NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein08
NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein01
NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein02
NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein04
NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein09
NordiskaKoCC88k Stylein03

Styling: Alexandra Ogonowski
Photos: Osman Tahir

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