Enjoying the Summer Outdoors

I am participating in an influencer program on behalf of Claritin®.
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We could not be happier that the frigid months are behind us. Both kids are itching to play in the sun, swim and ride their bikes. Can you
blame them though? As a kid I spent most of my summer playing in the street in front of our house. I remember buying roller blades (remember
those?) and living in soft white tees and short shorts. Hopefully my kids can have fond memories of their summers like I do and one way I make
sure that nothing will interfere with this crucial memory-making time is by making sure they feel great!


Besides nutrition and plenty of sleep I also use an allergy reliever when needed. Elin seems to have inherited her father’s spring time allergies with lots of sneezing and watery eyes. Obviously being a sniffly sneezy mess can really interfere with how a kid feels so I try to keep something in my purse in case allergies start to flare up.
I’ve partnered with Claritin® and Target to share how I was armed and ready when we recently spent an afternoon in the sun next to the river,
picking flowers and throwing rocks. Two of Elin’s favorite things to do when the weather is this nice. I grabbed a pack of Children’s Claritin®
Grape Chewables to keep with me because they’re easy, not messy and Elin doesn’t mind chewing them at all. Claritin® comes in many varieties and
you can find them in the healthcare aisle near the pharmacy at Target. Click here to find great offers for Claritin® at Target now!


If you have little ones with allergies, what are some
things you do to make them more comfortable? Comment below to share your own tips!

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