Have a Look at our New and Bigger Family Sofa!


If you didn’t already know, we are a family of four! Obviously that isn’t a large family but it’s still important to me that I make sure everyone has room enough around the house. Each of the kids have their own bedrooms and places to sit at the table but when it cam got the living room our 3-seater sofa just wasn’t cutting it. Honestly it wasn’t a problem most of the time unless everyone was sitting together or when we had family/friends over, then we realized that a little more seating space would be better!
To accommodate all four members of the family we decided to find a sectional. Our living room isn’t very large, at least not width-wise under the windows where we usually keep the sofa. For this reason and because we liked the embracing feeling of a sectional, the decision was made to find an “L” shape seating arrangement where the family could be together.


Our previous sofa was the NOCKEBY from IKEA and served us well for years, with a nice clean look with thick cushions but, you know, three seats. Also, since we have kids who tend to accidental spill, come in from playing outside with dirty feet or drop food onto surfaces, having a sofa with removable and washable covers is in our top 3 factors for choosing a sofa! All of IKEA’s sofas come with covers which can be removed and thrown into the washer, so we chose the SÖDERHAMN from IKEA’s collection. While we’re considering size and washability we also don’t want to skimp on style, which is where Bemz comes in! We chose from their linen Loose Fit Urban collection covers that feature long skirting to cover the sofa’s legs.


In addition to a sofa cover, I really wanting matching pillow covers for our throw cushions! For me, I just want the cushions to blend firmly because there are so many pillows but also because it gives the cushions the look of being pieces of the sofa and not just accessories. We even have large, matching floor cushions in the same color! Of course if I want to add in some other colors later on in the form of pillow covers, that’s easy to do. For now I’m enjoying the uniform color and minimal look that the same color gives!


If you’re wondering about comfort, as comfort is a very important characteristic of any sofa, this is quite comfortable! The sectional part also acts as a chaise so you can sit with your feet completely reclined (the husband’s favorite feature). The corner piece is also very roomy so Elin, who loves to cuddle, can also sit with me here. Yesterday she wasn’t feeling well so we grabbed her blanket and piled a few pillows in the corner and watched one of her favorite shows until she fell asleep!


*sofa provided by IKEA and covers provided by Bemz, however all words, opinions and photographs are my own!

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  1. Gorgeous! What color cover is this?

  2. Gorgeous! What color from Bemz is this cover?

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