Sustainable magnetic toys for the little builder


Minimalism is a common theme across my blog, sharing lifestyle ideas that lean towards a more minimal perspective has been one of my focal points over the years. The way minimalism can benefit your style, your home, your recipes and even with children is something I still love to explore.
With the kids there is a definite give and take, sometimes we compromise and buy something silly plastic toys but for the most part we really try to think about the life span of their toys and what sort of creative benefits a toy can offer.
We were recently introduced to these wonderful Earthtiles from Big Future Toys which plant a tree for each purchase! How cool is that? Not only are they long lasting, we could definitely pass these along to friends once the kids are grown up but they are made with non-tonic finishes out of birch, so they are lightweight and beautiful.
Elin has been playing with them all weekend, building houses for her mice and rocket ships. I don’t mind them scattered around the house, they just blend in with a lot of what we have at home. I also really appreciate toys that aren’t super gender specific, they aren’t over top girly or boyish, just fun toys for that all children can enjoy and maybe even their parents too!


*This post was sponsored by Big Future Toys however photos and words, (I’m genuinely enthusiastic about these) are my own! 🙂

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