The weekend plan


Our living room corner was just about the only part of the house this week that looked decent, and even then if you get too close you’ll see a light coating of dust on everything! I’m not going to pretend everything is perfect because it’s not and that’s not real life. I don’t care to take photos of the mess but trust me, it’s there.

It’s practically the weekend now and I know I’ve got to write a list and come up with a loose plan or Saturday and Sunday will fly by and I’ll find myself on Monday morning wondering what I accomplished with my weekend! We don’t have a conventional weekend here though, my husband works both days so I’m not able to accomplish THAT much with both kids at home all day. However I’m going to attempt to be productive. Late at night I will be awake, searching for things I forgot to do and need to remember for the next day. I keep paper and a pen on my bedside table to jot things down or they will swim around in my mind all night. So for kicks here is my to-do list, and terrible handwriting:
As you can see it’s some random chicken scratch that really only makes sense to me and I can assure you by the end of today that page will be full. The entire list will not be accomplished over the course of two days, especially with both kids following me around but the point is to make a plan and something to aim for. My expectations are realistic, if I can cross 75% off my list I’ll be winning!

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