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Minimal Decadence in Greige


Starting out Thursday with an oxymoron but the phrase immediately popped into my mind when I saw this place. Found earlier this week, thanks to Instagram, this gorgeous 102 sq m space not only caught my eye but also introduced me to Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish whose pink office space captured me almost exactly one year ago. The interior designers and architects from the Ukraine.

The space has a very open plan, dividing the bath with a large green (marble?) wall that matches the fireplace and keeping furniture as well as decor very minimal. The kitchen is extraordinarily sleek and minimal, though I don't think I could quite function in a place devoid of a refrigerator the brass range and faucet are features I could totally get used to.

It's these generous and opulent touches that are also seen in the lighting, the hardware and coordinating bathtub that give this sparse space a feeling of luxury. Also a great example that a space doesn't have to be full of objects in order to feel elegant. Though give me kids 5 minutes and they will have this place haphazardly garnished in random articles of clothing and toys!

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  1. Those dinning set and bathtub are to die for! Simply perfection <3


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