Make / almond milk that tastes so much better than the store bought variety.


At home we consume a lot of almond milk. Oatmeal, cereal and smoothies are common foods for the kids especially who are both very picky eaters. In my defense I did provide plenty of opportunity for raw fruits and vegetables when they were younger as well as exposing them to a variety of fish, eggs and other types of meat. Despite my best efforts they are both still challenging to feed. One day Elin loves black beans, cucumbers and yogurt and the next day she wouldn’t consider touching them. My son is toast obsessed and loves different kinds of bread it with different kids of butter and mashed avocado.

The other day I was reading the label on of the store bought almond milks, not terrible but there were a few necessary ingredients that I thought just don’t need to be there. After all it only takes almonds and a bit of water to make almond milk, why the extras? Also we had run out of almond milk and the prospect of dressing the kids, packing them in the car and driving 15 mins for a carton of milk seemed ridiculous. Ultimately we still had to wait until the next day because the almonds need to soak for several hours. Out of curiosity I did buy some remade milk from the store and we all had a blind taste test and unanimously agreed the homemade version tasted much better, even sweeter despite not having added anything besides water.


To make you’ll need at least 1 cup of raw almonds, cheese cloth (I used flood cloth which has a slightly tighter weave but still works well) and a container for storing your milk in the fridge.

Soak the almonds overnight in water, you just need enough to cover them completely with a bit of extra because they will absorb some of the water.

In the morning drain the almonds and throw them in a blender with about 2 parts water (if you soaked 1 cup raw almonds, add 2 cups water to the blender). Blend well.

Line a large bowl with a clean cheese cloth. Pour the blended almond/water mixture over the cloth and twist the cloth tightly so that the milk pushed through the bottom of the cloth. Once you’ve squeezed out every possible drop of liquid from those overworked almonds, pour your beautiful milk from the bowl into a cover pitcher or bottle.

Drink cold from a glass or mix it with muesli, oats or blend with fruit and frozen bananas…which is our lazy meal go-to. 😉


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