How to plan a quick getaway

how to plan a quick getaway to Bermuda / AMM blog

Yvonne Kone’s store, when it was still green-blue / one of Bermuda’s beaches, photo from Refinery 29

Wouldn’t it be great to get away in the coming months? Despite what you might think traveling and getaways are not just for the summer. My family and I haven’t taken a vacation yet this year but we are planning a warm getaway around Christmas and if you’re like me and haven’t been able to travel and take a break you still have time to plan something. I am partnering with Bermuda Tourism Authority to inspire your own quick getaway. You might not know this but Bermuda is the perfect last minute getaway, only a two hour flight from NYC yet vastly different than a dense urban environment.

Getting swamped with commitments, or saving money by hosting friends at your place are all reasonable compromises if you can’t take time off. However we also need (legitimately NEED) to detox from what is familiar and routine. We need those times of doing absolutely nothing, or submersing ourselves in a completely new environment which forces those parts of our brains that can go dormant when we are on auto-pilot to come alive. Just imagine the excitement of new smells, tastes and visuals. Even if you are consumed with trying to achieve optimal productivity, you are more likely to do so after a short break and new perspective.

how to plan a quick getaway to Bermuda / AMM blog

Heidi Lerkenfeldt / Gretchen Jones NYC, Bermuda rooftops

Wouldn’t it be nice to gain fresh perspective and see a new environment before the inevitable changes of fall and winter? For those who didn’t get to your favorite place this summer or complete your summer bucket list, Bermuda is the ideal year-round destination full of inspiration and adventurous activities. Also, if I’m being honest I’d much rather prefer to travel now than during the peak of summer travel because most people have returned to school or work.

You can also bring the Bermudian getaway home by making some fresh and new changes in your space. The sights, smells, textures and landscapes of a new environment can be a great source of inspiration when redesigning your home. The vibrancy, the tiled roofs, the pink sand and turquoise water are so beautiful, it’s easy to think of ways to recreate them.


J. Ingerstedt – Interior photography / Bermuda rooftops from Bermuda Tourism

Start by changing the layout of large furniture and rearrange it in a different pattern. Have a friend come over to help you, they can lend an outside perspective. Completely clear off shelves or cabinet tops and put everything back, chances are you will get rid of some things in the process and find a new way to rearrange what you want to keep. Maybe now is the time to add some new colors or remove things that might be adding to the decorative “noise” of your house.

how to plan a quick getaway to Bermuda / AMM blog

Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches / Amanda Rodriguez for Friends & Founders

To help out with both inspiring a trip that will add length to your summer and rework your living space, I’m giving you some interior ideas that pair with scenic images from Bermuda. This is a lot like my pairings series, where similar elements in either color or shape connect the two images. Hopefully this can inspire all of us to seek out that easy getaway that will add time to one of the best seasons, or allow us to capture some of the essence for our daily spaces.

how to plan a quick getaway to Bermuda / AMM blog

soft pastel hues from vtwonen / Bermuda’s pink sand beaches

how to plan a quick getaway to Bermuda / AMM blog

Casa Ljungdahl / Horseshoe Bay Cove

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